Olivier Giroud


Ah he is still under rated I see. Nobody, including myself, wants this guy starting too many matches, but he is a great squad player in my opinion. Tonight’s goal will push his goals to minutes ratio further in the right direction. Forget Solskjaer, Oli G is the super sub :giroud:


Excellent bench striker. Always has been always will be.


Yep fantastic squad player, should be kept as such.


I’ve said it for ages, he’s our Kanu/Wiltord type player and that’s really what he should have been from the start with the occasional start.

Never a main striker but definitely a valuable player and worth keeping around. I’d love to know how many of his goals for us have been as a sub.


He’s only being outdone by Alfie. But there’s still time…


Le Fondre > Giroud




Scores another worldie

Srsly i miss one season of Southampton and Stoke away and this shit happens…:sob:


Godroud is back! :giroud2:


2 more to go :smiley:

What a hero!


:giroud: :giroud2: :mustafi:


Giroud is a great #2 striker to have I don’t see a reason to get rid of him.

Plays his role perfectly, no tantrums just comes on and gets it done.


Almost a centurion, pretty decent achievement for someone so shit :wink: @lengooner


Most bipolar player around.


Still infuriating to watch him start. Better defences eat him up for breakfast and leave him crying on the ground. Obviously glad he scored but needs to return to the bench asap.


I think it was the right decision to start him against a team like Stoke and he did better than say Welbeck (or definitely Walcott) would’ve done. Obviously we’ll never know


Why did he seem so angry at Monreal during his celebration for a split second.


It looked like Nacho pushed him angrily in excitement and caught him off-guard. Thought it was quite amusing myself :wilshere:


Yeah whats with these aggro celebrations by Oli?!?!


He obviously just gets fucking pumped up when he scores and it comes out in a testosterone fueled push or hug haha