Olivier Giroud


One of the things that made that attack great was the interchanging between Henry, Pires and Ljungberg imo. I figure we all still see Henry drifting out to that left hand side. Something GIroud can’t provide. Not to say better wingers will make us better eventually.


No one can say Giroud isn’t having a great season and that he hasn’t won us several games.
He has also proved, what most thought, that he is more than adequate to be cover, or used as an alternative, to a world class striker.

It’s just a shame it has taken more than four seasons, and being dropped as first choice striker, for him to hit a bit of form.
You could also argue that playing in front of two of the best midfielders in Europe, he should have been doing this every season, not just this.

I was one of those that wanted a top quality striker bought in, but I have been pleasantly surprised by what he has done, so I hope his good form continues, because we are going to need it to secure a top four place.


Watched Southampton game and concluded Giroud would not have got near 4 of the 5 goals scored.
He isn’t quick enough to have got anywhere near Danny’s or 2 of theos goals.
He could have managed theos tap in from Sanchez pass.
Danny brings a lot more to the table than giroud.


Looks like Wenger has reverted back to him as our 1st choice CF.


Giroud always hits form at some point during every season with us. This season is basically no different to the last few seasons where he’s hit a bit of form, scored a few goals but is clearly just not good enough to be a starting striker for us. Even if you like him, you have to admit we look much better when we play with other people up front.


Nutmegged by Kaboul and Prodl. Well done Olivier!


Absolutely woeful tonight, deservedly subbed at half-time.


Giroud has two versions. Godroud and ffsgiroud.

This was ffsgiroud. back to the bench Ollie.


Ah Oli getting a mauling again. This makes me sad. If he wants to get away from the haters he’ll always be welcome to come and play with me :smiling_imp:

But seriously, regardless of his performance today I don’t think he would ever have been in contention to start against Chelsea anyway.


He just aint good enough…like I said about the other clown how the fuck can he warrant a new contract. It seems Wenger is doing a George Graham when he went and bought Kiwomya, Hartson and Helder.

Lets give new contracts to under achievers just because I can…!!


He is a quality substitute option, but these slow starts seem to generally come when he is up top. If he has a bad game it is horribly obvious.

There is just zero tempo with him up top. He is a great plan B.


I’m not really going to rag on Giroud as he’s bailed us out enough times this season to be given a pass, there are much bigger problems at this club than Giroud tbh.

He’s not good enough to be #1 but he’s played the role of Robin to Alexis’ Batman and done well, it’s not working atm with him back up top but there’s no heart in this team and our midfield is like wet tissue.


If we’re not dominating a game he is a total waste of space. Pushes the whole team 25 yards backwards. I do think he’s a good finisher, good at linking up and has a solid presence but his complete lack of mobility gives defenders nothing to worry about once we’re not dominating territory. I’m not a hater by any means but he shouldn’t be starting any league game.


What has Giroud starting got to do with a poor start within the first 15 mins?

Instead of trying to scapegoat one player you should look at things like poor defensive organization, individual errors, unbalanced midfield and poor mental preparation.


I’m not scapegoating! I didn’t go into mass detail but, as said in my post, I find we are not on the front foot when he begins up top.

No coincidence that our best performances of the season have come with a pacey front 3.


Issue about about being on the front from emanate from midfield and defensive organization that’s the basis which we use to support the front 3. You should be looking at the comedy act in midfield if you want someone to blame.

This whole best performances fluid/pacey front 3 such a laboured point. Only time where it really came off was against Chelsea where we basically took advantage of a new manager persisting with a unfamiliar system and blatant individual errors.

Where was this brilliant pacey front 3 against City, United and Everton away?


Giroud looks world class when he can stand about in the penalty area waiting for a showboat moment.
Offers nothing else to this team.
Should have been shown the door years without ago.
You only had to see the difference Danny’s speed made to our attack to know giroud is not good enough.
If you want mediocre, mid table (oops! forgot, we are. Lol ) giroud is what you want. If you want to challenge.
Montreal, giroud, le coq, Ramsey need outing.
There are a few more that could go as well.
Wenger needs to be first man out if we are to progress.

All we are doing every season is discussing the same old problems.
Likewise next season if Wenger is still here.


This is just silly. How on earth can we be described as mid table when we haven’t finished in a mid table position in over twenty years?


We are a hell of a lot more dangerous, better to watch and can’t actually execute any sort of press with a pacey front three.

I seem to remember we started well against Everton and Man City, only to crumble in the second half for your main grievances - defensive organisation etc.


He’s better as a impact player rather then a starter for me. He slows our game down badly. Seems to play better to when he comes off the bench. Alexis or Welbeck start up front for me over Giroud.