Liverpool - Arsenal (Premier League)


MDC open mofos!



Its simple really. Everything has to be now now with some fans



thread re-opened. have at it @Luca_from_Italy


What a bunch of …

It’s really depressing following Arsenal tbh.

Nothing changes season in season out. Same shambles.

Wenger still here. It is a farce.



id start but i think i might say something that will get me banned!


Pretty much what I expected defensively, but I thought we’d score a goal or 2 and look dangerous at times :joy:


Right where’s @Oliver and his don’t judge the transfer window yet :eyes:


It could still finish 5-1 to Liverpool. :wink:



Transfers won’t do anything, we are clueless. Bereft of ideas. Wenger is the culprit, not the players at hand.

Alexis, Ozil playing and we lose 4-0. It’s a shambles.





Lmao 4-0 man told you guys I did not want to watch rape



GFI in chilled mode today :sunglasses:

It’s hard to get worked up about this really, it’s just the same old isn’t it?

I honestly don’t get particularly bothered by these comprehensive away defeats anymore, certainly not vs Liverpool, united, city. Losing vs Tottenham always winds me up tho


This is Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal post-debt. 4-0 and not looking like threatening at LITERALLY no point in the game. Arsene Wenger is finished and this 3-4-3 system is absolute crap.

Arsene Wenger is a deluded, selfish old man who should have left. He’s scared of retirement because he believes it means death. But, he’s putting the best interests of the club he supposedly loves on the back burner and putting his own in first, that is unforgivable.

#WengerOut and fuck Kroenke for allowing this crap to continue. He didn’t deserve that contract, he lost the fans last season and he shouldn’t have been offered it by the gutless board and Wenger himself shouldn’t have signed it.


I apportion some of the blame to the players (welbeck and holding are playing some Sunday league stuff out there) but mainly it has to be Wenger. Even though he was effectively in charge of his own contract renewal, I’d have thought he’d use the opportunity to buy players, extend contracts of the current players and make us more tactically savvy.

He can set us up tactically to win games (see some good performances against Bayern, Barcelona, Man City and Chelsea in the last few years) but more often than not, he has this hateful arrogance which doesn’t look at the strengths and weaknesses of the opposition. He just wants his players to play their own game , which is becoming increasingly shit