Liverpool - Arsenal (Premier League)


Ox in the team, Kolasinac on the bench, Welbeck as the starting striker… this better be some great plan by Wenger.

Also rip my fantasy team :frowning:



I think Arsenal’s medical team should really test Wenger for senile dementia.


why in the FUCK is welbeck striker, the fucking dick is so bloody wasteful he needs bloody 15 chances to score one, not what we fucking need. We will lose this and the fans especially on aftv will be saying ‘why did we buy laca and then leave him on the bench for a game like this and play fucking welbeck’

Wenger is truly fucking about now, he always plays the wrong fucking team for the occaision, the guy just seems to want to be a cunt on purpose now.




Mustafi on the bench. Our LWB on the bench. A LB as a CB. A RWB playing at LWB. Our club record signing on the bench in favour of a man who couldn’t hit a barn door in his last game.


No matter how much I try, the team sheet keeps coming back wrong


Nah just the same clueless manager.

Liverpool leave huge gaps and space something that a deadly clinical finisher could thrive on and yet Lacazette is on the bench, whilst a mobile forward not known for scoring is being played through the middle.

Bellerin starts yet again despite being off form with Kolasinac being sacrificed who would be a better choice playing as a full back or wing back, funny thing is he could get a game as CB but it’s a no for his actual position? Fucking hell Wenger couldn’t sabotage us any more if he tried.


Reckon Welbzeh should have about 2-3 good chances with Liverpool’s defence. Gotta take those chances!


@ShkodranMustafi20 Tschuess.
@LexiChamberlain69 Please fuck off.


“Throw in for Liverpool”.




Yeah starting with Welbeck smacks of the quixotic f*ing persistence “I’ll show you!!! He really can finish!”

I was starting to get excited and even optimistic, but feel worse after seeing our starting 11.

Also, I guess Moose really is off… such a strange one, that.



I agree Lacazette should be starting but cmon guys, if our team there can’t at least score against Bertie Moreno, Lovren and that yoof playing out of position at right back then I’ll be furious :laughing:

Liverpool 4-2


That rivals this for the best one I’ve seen. :giroud3:


i really feel wenger is just fucking around this season almost like a punishment for the fans for last seasons ‘wanting him out’ its like i am still here fuckers now suffer with this shit it makes no sense i know it makes no sense what i am doing and i know it will upset all of you thats the whole plan, then when people complain i will say something that sounds feasible in the press but it absolute bollocks but that is my excuse and i am sticking with it

2 more fucking years at minimum of this fucking trash :bellerin: :gabriel:


Welbeck had a pretty bad game last Saturday. Lacazette was decent. Which one should we drop? Laca obviously.



Welbeck :xhaka:


He has just lost the plot. He only plays his lovechilds.


this is why our best players wanna leave, the guy is a cunt imagine the players seeing the team sheet and thinking the same sort of thing ‘we need to win this game why are you playing me there, why is he playing when out of form etc’

sure they will be glad to play in all reality but they must look at the team sheet and think ‘what in the fuck is this guy trying to achieve here’