Liverpool - Arsenal (Premier League)


Monreal in center of defense and Chamberlain on the left should do the trick, no?


How about mostly dick pics and some updates on the match?

I’ll send you my number. @Gio made the same arrangement with me when he couldn’t watch the last Spurs Arsenal game. I texted him hello what’s up, and Gio politely texted back that I needn’t bother unless anything good happened in the game so my first text was also my last text. It worked quite well :joy:


Haha, brilliant.

I might have been joking about the dick pics, but would be happy to update you on the match.

If we’re doing well I will send you pics of me in an aroused state. If not, well, nobody wants to see a flaccid member


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Me, too. Not watching Arsenal is good for your health these days :hipster:


Shame we don’t have Arshavin anymore.




Giroud vs Mane lol


Mertesacker’s pace is gonna be useful.


That’s absolutely ridiculous.
Walcott has been left out again.


He’ll still be running down the wing trying to catch him up come 2019.


Can’t believe alexis didn’t get the nod for keeper


All my optimism has severely drained. Klopp masterclass inbound. Lots of flaccid members come Sunday evening (relevant itt).


This is where I’m at. Other issue is that we know that Arsenal are pretty mentally weak on the road.

Liverpool’s D is terrible, but I give them the nod playing at home. 4 or 5 to 2 sounds about right.


I cant fathom a way we’ll win this. I cant envision it, if that makes sense.

3-0 Liverpool


Liverpool win can’t see any other result :pensive:


Liverpool 4-1.

I was so optimistic at the end of June. Really thought we’d push on.


I don’t like rape so I’m going to skip watching this match


Should go into this with our best possible starting 11 with Koscielny & Alexis starting. Liverpool without Coutinho and Lallana. Expecting at least a draw.


Lots of doom mongering going on in here. OA usually goes way ott, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we won this or at worst a draw.