Ligue 1 Thread


Did the French also do a reboot of youth football or something like that? Monaco, Lyon and even PSG had a lost of talent coming through in the past five years.


Would love Lemar or Mbappe here. Never gonna happen tho :pensive:


Mbappe starting.


I will watch the game and I hope to see the same show of every week when they play.


Henry just scored. :grinning:


Missed the goal because of this terrible stream.


That burst of pace :henry2:
Nervy win for Monaco in the end. They are 6 points clear at the top now.


Cyprien :giroud2:


Memphis Depay scored his first goal for Lyon.


Good football


Payet: Free kick merchant :grin:


For me after the PL Ligue 1 is the only one I liked watching.

Always watched the live Sunday night game when Setanta had the rights :slight_smile:

Payet with a trademark freekick. His first goal since signing back at OM


How’s Fekir been doing lately? Been linked to Madrid.


Great game by FC Nantes vs OM, the amount of fuck ups by Gomis, missing seaters for fun.

Good pacey game, i just heard that OM was acquired by a group of investors from USA and they have been investing lots of money on the team and will invest more in the next 2 years, they have payet, evra, gomis.

BTW Evra is still a TC left back.


Second goal by nantes, Nantes wingers are running the show.

OM defense is collapsing, they cannot handle the pace and crosses.

For sure they will socre a third one, OM far from good only a miracle will allow them to win this.


According to Fabinho’s father he negotiated with Arsenal. He says he likes Mourinho’s project at United (he was one of Mourinho’s favourites from the Castilla when he was at Madrid) but has a weakness for City, though.

How good is he? Interesting that we seem to be in contact with a lot of centre midfielders…Keita and Xhaka over the summer, rumours we made contact with Pardes too, no? Doesn’t look good for Wilshere’s future.


I’d assume we got that player with Xhaka.


Can we just sign all of Monaco plz :+1:


Monaco are gonna “the new Southampton” :wenger:


Bad draw for Monaco against Bastia. P.S.G. can close the gap now.