Ligue 1 Thread


Monaco made a very interesting turn since the owner can’t spend money like in the summer of 2013. But I question their ability to sustain success (meaning structural Champions League qualification) if they don’t expand their brand. Monaco doesn’t seem like the most viable city to expand the brand.


Who could get their Champions League place? I can’t see no one doing this.



Nice goal from Toulouse.


Fantastic finish


Good start from Monaco :wenger:


Double chance for Monaco with Mbappè now.
What a last-ditch tackle here! Toulouse on the edge.
Monaco having lot of possession, but zero end product.
Edit: 1-1 Jemerson!
Monaco close to the 2-1. They haven’t played that well, but they deserve to be up.
Great tackle by Jemerson to prevent an 1 vs.1.
1-1 HT. Dull game.


This Lemar’s free kick was very good. Good save.
Good goal by Tolosa again, but Monaco’s defence completely cocked up.
What a half so far! 2-2 El Tigre!
Monaco are playing Mbappe too wide.
3-2 Monaco! Has Glik touched the ball?
Mbappe off injured.


Sanogo on. Finally, things are getting interesting :sunglasses:


Monaco win not an easy game. Well done to them.


P.S.G. beating Amiens at HT thanks to Cavani. Neymar is not even on the bench.
2-0 P.S.G. FT. Pastore the other on the scoresheet for P.S.G.


Seri not even on the bench for Nice.


He is coming!


Nah, unfortunately I think he’s just suspended for this match.


Don’t kill my hope lady! :xhaka:


Fekir is gonna do bits this season, big move next summer no doubt.


Fekir back in business, while Nice lose.


Fekir can reunite with Lacazette :slight_smile:


Haha I don’t think we’ll be dealing with Aulas for a while after the show he put on with Lacazette