Ligue 1 Thread


Seri good player. We should sign him


How Serious are you about this?


Seriously what terrible pun @Electrifying


Is he any good? I don’t often follow Ligue 1.




Sorry mate, you know i am a football maniac. Just not Ligue 1 :xhaka: :mustafi:


Wot you Jean wit dat pun, son? You keep it up I’m gon put you in some miSeri boy.


I don’t understand :xhaka:


This is cringier than some of your Ronaldo posts


I thought it was a pretty sick pun tbh. But yeah, since there’s really no level of cringe to my Ronaldo posts, just extreme levels of truth, I can see why you’d say this.


Think that’s 9 straight league wins for Monaco, they really have shown no nerves in this title run in.


3 more points and Monaco are champions due to their better GD.


1 point today and Monaco have officially won the league :smiley:


Mbappe! 1-0 Monaco! Another golazo!


soooooooooooooooooooooooo badly wish we could have gotten him, fuck you wenger you useless wrinkly bag of saggy crotch meat!


Monaco leading at HT.


Fuck he reminds me of Henry the way he moves.


Monaco have won the title! What an achievement for such a young team!


yeah that was an Henry kind of goal


Jardim in tears :slight_smile: