Ligue 1 Thread


Personally if a club is offering 300k a week I’m not going to accept an offer of 180k from a club that knows me, knows I can perform (all signings are a risk after all), supposedly want me to stay and more importantly, can definitely afford to keep me. Rooney was on 300k 3 years ago, Aguero 250k or whatever 6 years ago, van Persie 250k 4 years ago. This is 2017. We don’t need to offer 300k a week, but if we were willing to pay up to 250k a week to our best player then he’d be a cunt to move for that extra 50k (unless he really just wants to have 4 Ligue 1 medals in his cabinet).

There’s a difference between being unable to compete and being unwilling to compete and if that offer is true then we’re definitely unwilling. It’s a shambles if we’re losing players to PSG for footballing reasons.



Slight positive is that Koziello will get a lot more minutes now I imagine, I went a bit crazy last season with the praise I was giving him but definitely a good talent.


Jeez being noticed by you is like the kiss of death for young french talent.


Nooo :disappointed:


Mbappe scores again.


I’m not even watching but I knew it was coming when I read it was 0-0 with 20 minutes to go.


Mbappe scored again but Moutinho scored an incredible goal with a volley.

AS Monaco now are on top with 6 point above PSG which will play tomorrow away at Lorient.




Slowly but surely he seems to get his career back on track.




P.S.G. leading Lorient thanks to Cavani.
A shaky 2-1 FT for P.S.G.


When you accidentally press shoot on Fifa but it goes in




Complete midfielder


Guess who has just scored :giroud:


18g/10a for the season


Was about to post it. Lovely goal!


Love this guy. Crazy stats for someone so young.


sooooooooooooooooooooo badly want him here, but we would never get him not now that all the big powerful clubs know about him. I dont know why the fuck wenger didnt pull the trigger sick to fuck of ‘we almost signed’ Never will get him nw because RM and Bayern etc will be al over him or Monaco will refuse to sell even at stupid prices, fucking gutted he could be immense for us.

Mind you though if we got him and Wenger is still fucking here he would likely go from how is playing right now to Sanogo mk2 within a season…wenger seems to suck the talent out of players now instead of developing their talents.


Mbappe’s brace.