Ligue 1 Thread


He’s gonna cost so much this summer.


Mbappe again!, perfect ball from Bernardo Silva’s special left foot.

Silva moves this summer for a very large fee, no way he can stay in France.


Great header now. 3-0.


Haha fools on you lads I’m loving life at

Sunshine, brilliant football, great players, winning games on a regular basis and in a title race :wink:


“Kylian Mbappé is the youngest player to score 10 goals in #Ligue1 over the last 30 seasons.”


4-0 FT to Monaco who still lead the table by 3 points and a much better goal difference.


I don’t understand di María. It’s rumoured he’s unsettled at PSG and wants to leave…top player in his prime who wants to leave to obscurity to go get more money, when he pushed so hard for the move to PSG and surely is on astronomical wages. It’s weird, no? Also, he doesn’t seem the type that just doesn’t have passion for the game, he always shows up in Europe and looks passionate at least…

If we fit any of the things he was looking for (we don’t ;)), I would definitely take him in a swap deal with Alexis.

Is there more to the situation that I don’t know? Has Emery been rotating him a lot or treating him badly?


I don’t know either, but some players just don’t have that hunger. Ronaldinho was another one. It’s a shame really, but on the other hand I cant blame them. These guys have won everything.


IIRC, it was widely reported that PSG actually tried to get rid of Di Maria in January to China, which resulted in him becoming unhappy & skipping training.


Ah, right, well that makes more sense. Maybe we could actually get him in a swap deal. :wenger:


Nice-Caen 2-2. I think that’s it for their title race.




I’m sure, they will sack Emery and will sign a top class GK (Donnarumma or Oblak or one between Courtois and De Gea), a top class CB to replace Thiago Silva, a top class midfielder to have Rabiot as squad player and a partner for Cavani (Alexis or Mesut, or both).


If we have any balls whatsoever we should play hardball with both Alexis and Özil against the push of a club like PSG. PSG is not a bigger club than Arsenal, even in the sorry state we find ourselves in, and to give into the wishes of a club like that would be a new low, honestly. Barça, United, Madrid, Bayern, even Juventus is one thing, but ffs, if we can’t convince our best players to stay instead of going to a club that is almost as shit in champions league and not even winning a far less competitive league, that’s quite embarrassing.


Totally agree, but PSG can pay wages out of worlds if we compare what we can offer with what their can offer in terms of money.

Ligue 1 is a nice league but miles away to be the BPL.

Parìs is a lovely but London is the same.

PSG are a good squad but not better than us.

Money is The Key.


No doubt, but there’s no reason we can’t offer similar economic conditions–or at least significantly better than what we are reportedly offering–other than pure stubbornness and economic inflexibility.


Shit…what happened? I dont particularly want to view it


Hyperextended his knee as he landed, nothing too gruesome but will probably be a serious injury :cry:


Horrorific. It reminds me of Ronaldo vs. Lazio.


Fuck them. Plastic shit loser club.