Ligue 1 Thread


Ospina came from Ligue 1 :wink:

I agree though. Wenger is the French god to these players. Buy some!!


Nice back to the top after beating Montpellier.


Would be up for this tbf


Adam Ounas scored two nice goals against Lille.


Bullshit imo but he’s being linked a lot!


How good is he?


I’m just going off the Man City game here, but in that game he appeared not to be want the ‘purists’ here want from their DM.


He’s very good, but it’s debatable whether he’s the type of midfielder we should be looking at, in my opinion he’s not but I’m sure many people on here would disagree if they watched him.

His midfield partner though :+1:, I actually wanted us to sign Fabinho a season or two ago when he was playing for the most part as a fullback but he’s now a really good midfielder and with hindsight someone we should have looked at over Xhaka. He’s being linked with United and that’s a move I can see happening.


Yeah, me too, he was a Mou favourite at Real Madrid so it makes sense.

I remember you bigging up Fabinho btw haha.


P.S.G. thrash Marseille 5-1.


PSG destroyed Marseille. Their quality is too big for the others. They haven’t a solid defense, a fantastic midfield and a lethal attack.

Lyon, despite Aulas is ready for the revolution during the summer, are playing very well. They will fight for a CL place until the end of the season and their european run is perfect until now. They are launching many talents and Depay looks integrated.


You’d think on paper a player like Bakayoko fits decently with Xhaka. Xhaka is a decent long-range passer of the ball, but not the most mobile player out there. A box2box player with the mobility and ability to run with the ball should be a good complement on what Xhaka can do. According to Squawka he has created 10 chances this season, no idea if that is particularly good, but maybe he has at least an idea of what to do in the final third? Xhaka is going to be our (short term) future anyway I reckon, but I don’t know if a Bakayoko/Xhaka pivot is going to carry us to the next level.

(and yes, I think he is better than Ramsey. Ramsey’s dribbling is very underwhelming imo. He’s more like Xhaka if anything)


Mbappe just scored against Marseille.


can we have him please arsenal, if we ask nicely can you get him for us…pretty please :santi:



Mendy just keeps getting better and better.


Cypriennn for my new team Nice. Having a good season.


£4.25m transfer fee…

they could really, really use some better attackers. Only on 45 goals atm. Impressive how they’re still challenging for the title despite this.


Disgusting first touch. Bit more strength in depth and they could be challengers.


Mbappe scores within the first 5 minutes :laughing: