Ligue 1 Thread


What a golazo from thauvin, OM vs rennes has been a great match so far.




Koziello dropped and Balotelli starting -.-

Took Balotelli less than two minutes before his first dumb foul.


Nice 1-0 up with Cypien (22 years old, 8 goals scored this season).




Guessing Balotelli said something to the referee, but that still looked extremely ridiculous. Oh well, he was useless anyway. Wouldn’t even bother with that clown anymore.


double yellow card or the red?


Straight red.


Strange, very strange decision.


P.S.G. 0-0 against Toulose. Missed chance for them.


A lot of rotation again for Emery. No Verratti and Di Maria seems no party for PSG. But only better for Monaco.


I think where it’s clear Emery has been brought in to succeed in Europe, if he does that at the expense of domestic success it will be acceptable for one season at least.



Should be in for him, but he costs too much for us. “We didn’t find the right players” :xhaka:


70 million? Ffs.


So Manu gets Griezmann and they could get Silva City can buy anyone and already have bought an amazing talent in Gabriel Jesus meanwhile who are we likely to get…maybe another project for £10-20m and the line of ‘there is no value in the market’ fuck our collective lives. It is so hard seeing other clubs splashing the cash and building strong teams and we go for scraps because wenger wants to be ‘clever’ and prove that ‘we dont buy world class player (apart from a couple maybe) we make them’


Wenger’s too hipster in the market. He doesn’t want what everyone else is after. He wants the credit of finding a boy in the Amazon rainforest raised by wildlife and make him a star.


Mustafi and Xhaka were probably the opposite of hipster :wink:.


Arsenal’s senior scout Gilles Grimandi watched Toulouse hold PSG to a 0-0 draw last night. Rumoured to be watching Lafont, Diop and Rabiot.


I think we have been scouting Rabiot for years, like many other players. We just like to scout, not to buy.


I really do wonder why we don’t have bought more talent from the Ligue 1. Grimandi watches games every weekend probably and the talent seems to be there. Since Giroud we’ve got Sanogo, Bennacer, Reine-Adelaide and Fortune from France?