Kylian Mbappe


Ok fair enough, i just took what you were saying that you couldnt help but laugh at me because of my posts. I dont have no beef with no one i just felt that people just find me a joke on here because my posting (typing style) is not standard


Nice to have false hope but he’ll never play for us. And if he did we’d be waiting for his inevitable Real Madrid move. :rolling_eyes:


Madrid have supposedly agreed two signings already for approx €60m combined.

They are going to have to make a hefty sale if they want Mbappe anywhere near their squad.

Benzema anyone?


Isco or James.


The thing about Mbappe is he’s done really well but he could be a 1 season wonder. And he’s never played as a lone striker, which is much harder than playing in a 2 like he is right now. Also Giroud and Gervinho ripped it up in ligue 1. Ibrahimovic scored 35 goals in ligue 1, this year he’s on 15 non penalty goals.

So he might become world class but 85 or 100 million is kind of risky when you consider he might not succeed.


Yeh I’m not sure about this kid myself but don’t get me wrong what he has done this season is without a doubt fantastic and he has every right to be considered one of footballs hottest prospect.

Saying that his next move very much needs to be an environment in which he can prosper. Coming to one of the worst Arsenal sides in nearly two decades for one of the highest fees in history just doesn’t seem like a pragmatic approach for anyone.

Take Neymar for example, he made the right call, had he came to a transitional United side instead of Barcelona we’d probably be watching him in the French league right now. No English side has the luxury of a WC player in every position and for that reason alone I think we should be looking for more stable strikers. If you asked me right now would I rather have Suarez/Auba/Lew or Mbappe, I’d honestly take the former.

We have way too much work to cater some luxury kids ego and price tag.


Like you have that choice as an Arsenal fan. Keep dreaming buddy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But in all seriousness, as long as we are under Wenger, I don’t imagine us signing any of the big names, let alone the hottest prospect in Europe. I much rather we invest our time and effort on finding youngsters like Holding and give them a chance. The next few seasons are going to be transitional for us and this is perhaps the best time to give some of the youngsters a go. Who knows, a couple of years down the road, we could have a bunch of promising youngsters that are in the first team, have a season or so of experience in the PL and are on the way up.


Prudent Wenger is always looking to find the next hottest prospects and show he can build stars as opposed to buy them ready made !!


Had two great assists today.

Best teenage player since Messi in my opinion. There are a lot of flavor of the month players who look good, get hyped too much, then get found out. I think he is an entirely different beast.


100% Mbappe’s fucking unbelievable.

I’m starting to think he’s Henry’s and Ronaldo 9’s lovechild.

Edit - His assists

The Champions League Thread

He’s just so fucking good.



seems to be really impressive, Arsenal haven’t really had an exciting young striker that scores goals for a long time and maybe Mbappe could finally be the one that we actually sign rather then Wenger saying in the future how we missed out on such and such player, like Ronaldo for example


He is getting too much attention now, no way will we get him now Real Madrid he wants and i am damn sure that Perez makes sure he gets him. I cant see him wanting us with fucking europa league football when he can go to Real Madrid or even stay where he is and get champions league. Wenger fucked us AGAIN when he dallied on the transfer, apparently went to his fucking house etc but just couldnt go the extra mile and complete the fucking transfer the stupid asshole!



If they do get him then I could see us going for Benzema


Benzema is shit and for the money they would want he can go fuck himself, how many times has he had a chance to sign and he doesnt if anything he mocks our club for trying to sign him. Dont want the tosser especially for the stupid amounts RM would want, he can fucking rot on the bench.


you should start a Benzema fan club




I’d rather want morata than benzema