Kylian Mbappe


He already said last week we are interested, but he costs too much :hipster:


So in other words he’s not interested.


Yeh, and if you shadow @Castiel’s posts for a while you’ll learn the art of talking about AC.


You know damn well we’re OA BFF’s so obviously that’s going to be the case.


ffs Wenger you got to his house and didn’t seal the deal?!


Lol! “The almost manager” strikes again :wilshere:


Arsene Wenger went to his house to try to sign him and Kylian turned him down?

Sounds like Monaco/France have a winner on their hands!


“Where will I play monsieur?”

“You will deputise for Theo Wal…”

“No thanks”


Surely he will one day realize that being totally honest with the media on those questions isn’t really doing himself a favor.


There is nothing honest about what he says to the media.
He tells the media stuff that he has no intention of doing or stuff that he knows isn’t going to happen.
He tells them,
“we are not afraid to spend”
“we can buy anyone”
“I will win the title within three seasons”
“judge me at the end of the season”
“it is only a short term injury”
“this team has mental strength”
“this team is capable of winning the PL”
"I know the weaknesses in our team and will strengthen?
“we are a big club”
“big clubs don’t sell their best players”
“Cesc isn’t leaving”
“RVP will stay”
“I nearly bought ?”
"we tried"
and many more.

He is not honest with the media, or the supporters.
He is a control freak that will; say anything rather than admit he was wrong.

At best he is naive with the media, but after being the longest serving manager in Europe, at a top club, you would have thought he might have learned from his many mistakes when dealing with them

This is one of Wenger’s biggest faults.
He repeats the same mistakes almost every season, and doesn’t learn from them.

Mbappe is the latest in an ever increasing line of top players that will turn him down because they, like the rest of us, can see what he is like.


That was a bit ranty lol

He’s honest with the media in terms of talking about transfers that nearly happened, that’s what PPB meant and he was right.


It probably was a bit too ranty, but the more I look at the mess we’re in, the more I blame Wenger.

He might be honest with the media about transfers that “nearly” happened but it just makes him and the club look weak.
It makes us look as if we are constantly being turned down by top players because they perceive us as unambitious, as well as being tight fisted, which Wenger claims we aren’t.


oh my god just stop moaning.


As long as you’re happy with no CL football, a manager dragging us down and our top players leaving, that’s ok.


Repeating the same post on here wont change that. i suggest you log off and go and protest if you wish to make a difference.


If I thought it would make a difference I most definitely would.


Image Wenger offered him an Arsenal kit+a season ticket :hipster:


A packet of sweets.


Im glad you see the futility in such an action, lets hope this vision extends to your drearily persistent ‘wenger persists’ posts.


As long as Wenger persists, I will too :wink:.