Granit Xhaka (34)


Cheer up mrhappy :slight_smile:


Best player on the pitch my the length of the Nile


i am just pointing out things OA style


He is definitely starting to find his feet… his role in the Chelsea goal though was a bit of a comedy… will be key how our season goes how he does imho…


He bossed the midfield today.


Gonna be so key for us this season.


System definitely seems to protect him more and I think it’s important we changed our system to get more out of him given the importance of the midfield.


Yeah I think this is right… It also seems to have been revelatory for Ox and somehow has completely destroyed Bellerin…


Agreed, he has been much better since we changed systems and we’re seeing the player we spent all that money on. Hoping well see a lot more of it too, he was a signing that quite excited me.


Another fantastic performance from this beautiful man. Great delivery for Kolasinac. Proving his doubters from last season wrong.


the player wasn’t in doubt; but the managers ability to use him.


Hard to distinguish the two honestly… sometimes players just don’t fit a system/team. I am still reserving judgment - some of the praise is OTT as much as some of the criticism. He definitely struggled more once Chelsea decide to press more and his wild clearance and pathetic header attempt lead to Chelsea’s goal.

Having said all that, he has progressed a LOT over the last 20 or so games in my estimation and looks like could be a very, very useful player for us. We are still missing a proper partner for him in the middle and i worry about this. El Neny worked his nuts off today and is a trier, but he is no Santi.


Quality performance and a great assist.



There’s plenty to doubt about Xhaka.


Breakout performance. Could be our anchor.


Back three helped Xhaka to have more tranquility and freedom to play the ball. I’ve seen the best of him with this tactic and intelligent players as Ramsey and Elneny.

The only player capable to kill him is Coquelin. This is why I’m in favour to sign another top class midfield.


That is his Achilles heal, not having time on the ball. He is not an instinctive passer of the ball, and neither is his technique as flawless as a Xabi Alonso. So he needs a second or two to look up, decide what he wants to do and execute it. He will do well against most teams but will struggle against the likes of Liverpool and maybe the Scum who like to press high. If Arsene uses him wisely, he will definitely be a key player for us.

I just hope he doesn’t have those crazy moments this season.


Not a surprising performance by any means. He was our best player in the last 2-3 months of last season too.


This tweet is doing the rounds again at the moment. The “journalist” seems to be blocking everyone who questions it :joy: