Granit Xhaka (34)


Oh boy.

Here we go.

Here begins my slow descent into “next season will be better” syndrome. Soon to be followed by “a couple of signings” disorder and then “two more years of Wenger isn’t too bad” psychosis.

There’s no cure, I’m terminal.


In all seriousness though you’ve got a point but to fair to Xhaka there’s only so much one player can do when your manager relies on individual brilliance to win games rather than being a well drilled and tactically organised unit.


He has only started performing with the new formation, tbh.


for the final


The new formation is no miracle. We were actually playing way better stuff back earlier in the season when Alexis was striker. That being said I do think a more tactical manager could get a lot out of a player like Xhaka.


Being overly critical of all things Arsenal is the fashionable thing to do these days. All that does is reflect poorly on that Cascarino chap as a pundit. He may be the worst pundit of all time. :henry2:


Does Xhaka do his eyebrows? I think it’s quite cool how he does it. Got to go around your business looking good.


Really strong today in the holding role. Solid game.

He’s turned it on since the formation change


Agreed, Xhaka has really improved towards the end of the season. He’s had a tough first season in England, but it feels like he’s finally heading into the right direction here. Next season could be a big season for him.


Go through this thread and loads of criticism from me here. Fair play today though he gave us perfect shape all day and bossed the midfield. Excellent effort and looked a leader.


Outstanding today.


He made Chelsea look like our midfield and defense usually look. I can’t count how many times he passed directly through their midfield to a wide open Özil, Ramsey, or Alexis. Yes he did boss it today, this system seems to suit he and Ramsey.


This role suits him really well. He’s finished the season off in some style.


I think overall the thing that stood out the most from today was his maturity. So often this season he’s been reckless and let himself and the team down. But his performance today was a vindication of the work and improvement he’s made in the final few weeks. I was really impressed with him.

Wasn’t that long ago some, mostly the media, were wondering if the purchase of Xhaka is one of Arsene’s worse signings ever :xhaka: Certainly stuck two fingers up to the critics, good on him.


Be very interesting to see if Granit can continue to grow further as a player next season.


Is there a picture of Xhaka with the cup?


I love this guys game, his been pulling the strings for fun ever since we switched formation and it’s been such a joy to watch especially the way he finds Özil effortlessly between the lines with his penetrating passes.

Hats off to Wenger for giving Xhaka the platform around him to fulfill his potential, it’s great to see Xhaka getting the credit he deserves too.


Xhaka seems to have found himself in this formation, spraying balls for fun and allowing Ramsey to push ahead at every opportunity knowing Xhaka is waiting to mop up anything !! Our team performance in all areas was outstanding. Had an interesting conversation with Chelsea mates when we did them 3-0 before their change set-up. Told them we’d be the better team in that formation as we have the players and understanding to play the system. Ever since we changed to the back 3 I don’t fear us against teams like Chelsea - we can own this formation.


Xhaka to Ozil is the new dream team combination.

More goals from both of them and people would stop erroneously calling us a one man team :expressionless: