Granit Xhaka (34)


Has been doing really well recently


Under arsene


Taking the season as a whole it’s been mediocre-ish, but he’s ending it with a flourish for sure.


Was very exposed in that system we used to play, but then again who isnt? It takes a super technical ace of a player (Santi) to make it work apparently. He’s been much better with more help in midfield.


Perfect performances in the new formation.


Yep. Good again



He destroyed Sunderland, and was totally out of his depth against the scum. I see a pattern here…


I know right. Like our squad in general. Terrible against good teams.


its been that way for over 10 years. :smile:


His passing’s such a joy to watch.


He needs time on the ball to do his thing. Not a whole lot of time like Cesc but still needs a couple of seconds to decide what to do with the ball. I guess it’s easy to take him out of the game if you make sure you are always pressing him as soon as the ball is passed in his direction. And you know he has a mistake in him, followed by a rash challenge, so while I am enjoying his performances off late, he has still some way to go. The way I see it, there aren’t that many teams that press high up on the pitch, especially against us, so he should still be effective against he majority of the sides.


Good post. I think his midfield partner makes a big difference. When he is paired with Coquelin he struggles because other teams can concentrate their press on Xhaka, knowing that if Coq receives the ball with time to pick a pass and/or space to dribble forward, he won’t do fuck all with it anyway. Xhaka needs a midfield partner that is enough of a threat on the ball that the opposition can’t completely neglect that guy. It is no surprise that Xhaka has been best when paired with Ramsey but he would probably be even better if paired with a player like Naby Keita who is really adept at driving forward with the ball at speed and putting the defense under stress.


He also needs someone who is able to do the vast majority of the running for him, so they would need a huge engine and be able to play b2b depending on the circumstances.

He had that at Gladbach with Dahoud and a similar player is required, the central midfield needs to be built around him if he’s to fulfil his potential here. Ramsey is not that guy for quite a few reasons such as being far more effective when not asked to retain possession, having a tendency to lose the ball and not being as tactically astute as he should be.


He was crap in the first half though. Great in the second though.


He’s been terrific since the change in formation. Everything runs through him in the middle now and he’s clearly getting a hold on dictating the play better than he would earlier in the season.



I think he will be a key player next season.
I know he has only shown glimpses of quality this season but now he has settled, he could be a very good player for us.


Nice but it’s Sunderland. Arteta did this job for us as well. We have missed a deep lying playmaker


Remember when Tony Cascarino said Xhaka may be one of the worst signings of all time? :smile: I mean, don’t get me wrong - he has had some poor games and there are obviously things he still needs to improve on, but the criticism of him this season has been OTT. He has settled in now though, and bad opposition or not, I quite enjoyed the Xhaka and Özil show last night.


Seems to be following a similar trend to Ozil in terms of status.

He’s really growing on me! (No doc, not like that).