Granit Xhaka (34)


All are welcome, I was just surprised so many agreed with something so incorrect, so that was the conclusion I drew, away with ya sarcasm.


no te puedo oír panzón, estoy demasiado ocupado veíando la tele mientras mi novio prepara la cena! :sunglasses:


And still we wait.


Totally random thought but, obviously he’s Swiss, but when I look at him, he looks Brazilian to me :hipster:


Clueless clown? :hipster:


Gave so much ball away yesterday. Was at fault for giving the ball away in the lead up to the penalty. He cant cope when pressed or when the game has any pace. Hes wasteful and a liability outside his own box with passes being intercepted. Cost us a fair few goals this season and should not be saying that of a midfielder.


Haven’t you heard mate? He’s been great all season!


Heard yeah, just not seen it.


Out for the Manc game. Coquelin likely replacement.


90 mins of Coquelin just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse.


Should be Elneny.


I sure enjoyed that goal, what a hit. Becoming one of our most important players.


Any news on his injury?


probably out for Soton away.


huh? it was a complete fluke that it went in


Thinking the same thing lol


Nah uh, it was like a billiards shot. He totally meant to do it, that’s just how good Xhaka is.


I decided not to say anything because I seem to remember getting into a very silly debate about someone describing his last massively deflected goal as being wonderful :laughing:


Every goal counts. Let Xhaka enjoy the moment. His 1st Emirates goal.


Seems to be improving every game…