Granit Xhaka (34)


Why does gender matter?

His stats are great tbf.


Don’t be so naive, or pretend to be for that matter.

If you’d posted what you said and weren’t a girl I don’t think you’d have any likes on your clearly incorrect post.


I liked the post because I agreed with it. Would have liked it if Doc or mysty or any other guy poster on OA posted it


Well, thanks for clarifying!


It’s only 3 likes wow :joy:


that’s a lot by OA standards…


No it isn’t.

Like if you agree


Only cos you’ve got my post from time ago to compare it to, think I got like 80 on that?

It’s a lot for a passing comment/opinion and not trying to be funny or make a very good detailed point.


You only got so many because you’re a girl tbh


It’s normal. 3 people agree with a post about Xhaka… I don’t see why it matters much.


Are you saying Xhaka’s season has been class ? Or you just think he’s class and underperformed this season ?


Mainly the latter. I didn’t mention his season. He’s always had class ability.


After settling in and adapting to football in England I’m positive we’ll see a world class Xhaka next season.


I’d settle for something less than world class


Women on a football forum? :open_mouth: With opinions and everything! Whatever next, monkey tennis?!


Like this post if you would like to see monkey tennis.


Performing against the minows who don’t press him is 1 thing. Big test against Spurs for him. If he performs against them we can start to say maybe he just needed to adapt to the pace and adapt to our team. If he doesn’t we still have a problem.


Sorry, Sampras is retired.


Anda, ve a hacer la comida ya nena…y no quiero nada de esa fritanga de ayer, eh?