Football League thread


How has Bendtner been doing?


Anyone been keeping an eye on Newcastle? Dwight Gayle (ex Arsenal Academy) is having an absolute blinder of a season playing upfront.

13 goals in 13 starts (2 subs). Pretty impressive numbers.


Bendtner clearly has the Arsenal penalty DNA. Just had one saved v Newcastle.


WTF!? Newcastle leading, but 2 men down :bellerin:. Another former Arsenal player missed a penalty! :coq:


Contact in the box should not be an invitation is go down ffs


Lansbury clearly has the DNA too then!

This game is awesome, Newcastle down to 9 men but still winning!


Super Nick! 1-1. Difficult for Newcastle to keep the lead being 2 men down.


Well it’s only because of 2 penalty misses. Still half hour left, I’ll be shocked if Newcastle get anything from this


2-1 Nottingham. It was coming.


Surprised it was only 2-1 tbh. Brighton will go top with a win tomorrow.


Always liked him because he was ex arsenal but after the league cup game earlier this season where he just went to injure our players I thought he was a massive twat so this doesn’t surprise me


He also has really rubbish hair!


He looks a drug dealer.


Bang on cal. Absolutely spot on.


Karl Henry is a massive cunt bucket so i applaud Henri here.


Preston had both of their strikers sent off for fighting with each other :joy:


Haha Birmingham sacked their manager even though they are 7th and had one of the most highly rated managers in the league :confused:



Stupid foreign owners who know jack shit about football. And now they replace him with Zola. Apart from leading Watford to the Championship playoffs final in 2013, he has done nothing in his career.


Be great to finally see them in the PL. Hopefully this is their season :slight_smile: