Fantasy premier league 17/18


Well Mane isn’t injured apparently and has now given me a fucking huge headache. Salah too. Fuck.


Now I’ve gone with this


Strong lineup.


Haha nah I was just trying to help :henry2:

Edit - Here’s my team


Nice defence.

I really think Kolasinac is gonna tear shit up this season.

After Pep saying he’s going to rotate everyone, I’m tempted to sacrifice KDB and get Zaha and Ramsey in because I really think they could both have an excellent season especially with Arsenal’s new formation suiting Ramsey much better.

Do we think Chicharito is nailed on as WHU starting striker?


If his not Bilic will be gone by GW2 lol


I feel like you’re trying to sabotage me


In all seriousness tho barring injury I think there’s 3 players Pep will play every week, Kompany, De Bruyne and Jesus.


I don’t think Jesus is gonna be worth his price tag. Also yeah i bet pep would like to play Kompany every week but do you really think he’s going to risk him considering his injury history? I’m betting he’ll hardly plat half the season.



Michu at De Gea Ba


Lol nooice name, you came up with that all on ur own eh??


Good name :xhaka:


[quote=“Arsenal4thetreble, post:90, topic:1621, full:true”]
I don’t think Jesus is gonna be worth his price tag. [/quote]

You might be right but there’s a reason why Jesus’s Pep’s 1st choice and it’s not just because his work rates phenomenal.

I can see him being rested in the league cup & early rounds of the fa cup but in the league if Kompany’s fit he plays.


I want Jesus but pep was quoted as saying that everyone is going to be rotated and you know how pep loves playing people out of position as well so I’m just worried that Jesus might not be nailed on first choice striker even though his ppm ratio from last season was really good.

I’ve got KDB as my city exposure since he also takes their set pieces, and then gotten Lacazette as my Arsenal exposure - he should hopefully be taking our penalties so that shouldn’t be a bad thing either.

In any case it’s between Laca and Jesus for me right now.


I’m thinking my bench looks pretty sexy :giroud2:


Shit bench. You sound like a broken record :wink:


Disappointing you don’t have Walcott starting



Morata wild card, think Chelsea will use him frequently with Costa moving on.


After constant changes to my team over the past 3 or so weeks I think I finally have the one. I did always have them without Alexis but that changed on Tuesday when Wenger again said Alexis was staying. So he’s in along with Kane who were the two best players in the league last season. Would have liked City coverage but can’t have them all. Manchester United coverage I was never interested in. Also look out for Pereya my secret weapon and Milo who is 5.0 guaranteed starter and on pens and free kicks.