Fantasy premier league 17/18


@GunnerGirl cant mention Xhaka for a whole year




This is the basement, but I’m not sure of what I want to do.

I would like to have a strong XI plus four medium reserves but with the regular place into the XI to not lose points.

I’m not sure to keep Sànchez for many reasons, not sure to keep these defenders, not sure to keep Kantè. The “steady points” are the GK (but I may swap him with a 5.0 GK to recover 0.5 points), Salah on midfield (in my opinion he will score a lot of goals) and Romelu Lukaku on attack.

Many doubts about Fuchs (who will play on the left at Leicester, the austrian or Chilwell?), Arnold (started many games in this pre-season but will be a starter? 4.5 it’s a great price for a Liverpool player), Kantè (who is better for the FPL, him or Bakayoko?), Arnautovic (I bought him only why Son is still out).


Anyone having issues with transfer I keep getting error? all day


That’s what Arsenal says!


Make sure you register to the OA league guys/girls


I’ve never played FPL before so I have no idea what to expect :grimacing: What’s the prize for winning?


I’m in - Seakol Matter.


You won’t win so don’t worry about the prize :slight_smile:


A date with Luca


I’m in: Diaby Dick


This is my team been changed a couple off times might change it once more after next weekend but only cause am not happy with the midfield


I think you’d be better off playing Chicharito ahead of Kante.

Here’s my team, what do people think? @Titou14


I like it I think you should swap De Bruyne for Delph tho and Alli for Wanayama, so you know I can finish above you :smile:


Hahaha are you saying you’ve got a similar team?


I would but I think the toons defense is their to be destroyed by Kane


I’ve been playing with my team a lot and I decided not to go with Kane or Sanchez. The two most expensive highest scoring guys from last year. Instead I decided to spread the wealth. Im thinking those seasons those two guys had will be very hard to replicate. You guys are sleeping on Ox for only 6.0 points. He’s gonna kill it this year.


KanTe not Kane lol

Kane will smash but Kante doesn’t contribute many fpl points whereas I think Chicharito can be really good for whu so makes sense to play 3 up front


:joy::joy: Sorry mate tired eyes. I only put kanta in my team to fill my team just because I wanted Newcastle new signing merino in but wasn’t up to select yesterday. But I can see ur point about playing 3 up front and might do it for the opening weekend


21 Chambers.