Fantasy premier league 17/18


First name on the team sheet for a while and his 18 assists and 8 goals or whatever were extremely tempting but goals get more points than assists and Alli’s numbers are the inverse of Eriksens more or less haha


Imo i think you’re mad tripling up on city like that since it seems pretty clear that iheanacho isn’t in pep’s plans this season. Jesus isn’t a bad shout at all but I’d swap iheanacho for someone else.


It’s all good Cristo, It’s a matter of time before he’s in a darker shade of blue.

Pep on Iheanacho

“Kelechi I think is going to leave, to Leciester. I think it is on, but I don’t want to say something wrong so we will see.”



Ahh perfect, great shout in that case.

I really rate Iheanacho. I guess they’ll be sticking to 4-4-2 with Ihea and Vardy up front?


I’m kind of tempted by Kachunga at 6.0. Huddersfield topscorer last season. That makes way for Chicharito or Iheanacho up front if I downgrade Kolasinac to Trippier.


Kachunga any good ? I only watched Hudderfield twice last season (play offs) and I can’t remember seeing him.

Edit - Personally if I was picking anyone from the Brighton, Hudderfield or Newcastle it would have to Knockaert.


Not convinced by how much game time Sane will get, no idea how Morata is going to settle into the premier league either.


They are playing Brighton/Burnley first game so they should get off to a good start, main reason I picked


You are getting relegated with this team.


Sane is a potentially an incredible player. He will get enough time me thinks.


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Which one? :wink:


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