Fantasy premier league 17/18


I really want to do this but I know for sure that I would completely forget about it and never change my team during the whole season, I always lose interest


Not happy with this at all


yeah looks like a terrible team


Big fan of “Dunk Mee” Did you do that on purpose? :smile:


Haha no I didn’t, but Dunk and Mee are two of the best defenders around for their price tags so I had to get them :joy:


Never played FPL before but I’m assuming all out attack to do good. centre backs and defensive midfielders pointless as most of them don’t regularly score/assist.


That’s the gist of it. You always wanna play 3-5-2 or 3-4-3 and never have more than one defender that is 6-7 points.


It’s useful to have a a couple of defenders from Chelsea or spurs as they often keep clean sheets, so you get six points.
Even better if you have defenders that also get goals and assists like Cahill, Alonso, Coleman, Baines etc, especially if they take penalties, free kicks and corners.
But obviously players like Sanchez, Hazard, De Bruyne and Lukaku will often get you points as well but that’s why they are so expensive.


Wow United have gone downhill


Yeah I was looking through their team today and Lukaku and Bailly are literally the only players I’d have.

They’ve got so much dross in their squad, and while players like Mikhi have potential, it doesn’t seem like Mourinho loves him. Anyway my team has changed significantly since that one.


I was thinking that too unless they sign someone like Fabinho or Matic then Pogba’s getting nabbed.

Edit - Just a little heads up I think Brighton might be rocking 4-2-3-1 this season with Murray leading the line and Groß in the #10 role, so Hemed might not be a starter.

Speaking of Groß tho he made most key passes in the Bundes last season (95) looks decent for 5.5mil.


Is pogba even a particularly good fpl player? He doesn’t get many goals or assists and for his price I’m not sure


If he gets freed up defensively 100% I think he had the most shots than any other midfielder last season, he hit the wood work 9 times too.

I might be a little bias cause I think he’s one of the best Cm’s around but I can honestly see him hitting double figures in goals and assist in the right system if he had the freedom to do so.


Fair play, I’m leaning towards Ramsey if it looks like he’ll get the minutes.

Thanks for the heads up, I’ll have to research that a bit then. Damn.


Proably gonna switch things up but I’m tempted to start the season with this.

Feel like I need Dele Alli though he stats are ridiculous.


You missed it…


Not happy with it. Not sure why.


My bad. Turns out the abbreviation under the player names are the next opponent :sweat_smile:


Doubling up in defence is dangerous imo, even if it’s Mourinho. That might be why.

Plus Ramsey and Ozil could be risky, if we misfire in a game.


Ultra surprised you didn’t find a way to fit Eriksen in the team lol