England thread


Kick off!


Why do England look like Scotland?


Vardy even dives on the international duty.


I have breakfast and 13 replies to the England thread in that time :eyes:


It is a cunning plan to trick @Calum and his people into thinking they don’t need another referendum.


Pathetic germans being outplayed at home by a wee national team :mustafi:
I don’t think Germany has touched the ball yet.


Well Scotland are currently losing to Canada, so it may just tempt a few to get behind us :grinning:

Didn’t know that Podolski hasn’t started in three years. Probably should’ve retired from international football a while ago.


squad players are vital tbh. I like that players remain humble and continue to contribute even though they arent centre stage.


I think a Vardy-Alli attacking duo is the most punchable in the world.


Yeah retiring is for chumps. Worst case scenario is you get front row seats to the best games at the best tournaments.

My uncle-in-law is currently going to every away game for Bournemouth to build credits to get up the season ticket list. Podolski is basically doing the same for Germany.


England has been good, but the game has been boring overall.


This is going to be a good England performance and it’ll be 0-0 until 42 minutes when a kroosmissile goes in.


England just need a creative player in this game who is capable of making the final pass.


Fuck me it’s dull


Wish someone would fucking shoot the England band


Yeah, this is poor. Even worse than most friendlies.

Germany seem to give even less of a shit than they usually do for friendlies.


Ox in the box on the bench :giroud2:


Alli thinks he is Messi here.


:joy: Didn’t even know Scotland were playing! How the fuck are we losing to Canada?! Do they even have footballers?!


Were on our way were on our way
Were going moscow to see the bear
How we get there i dont know
How we get there i dont care
All i know is we are on our way…

If youre going to sing it sing it properly.