England thread


Exactly. That’s what you are good at. The problem is an official game.

27th june :santi2:


Out of Europe twice in a week. :santi:


It’s a well known fact that you can’t beat England at Wembley

Definitely 3-0 England.


Jamez Vardez with a BULLET header.


England to win the WC now.


Jesus, just got home.

Poor Roy Hodgson, he must be thinking, “yeah, great, just when I’m fired Spain decides to play against us with Iago Aspas, Nacho, and Iñigo Martínez.” Talk about bad luck.


Hey, Why aren’t your lot beating Fritz yet? :wink:


They have denied us a stonewall penalty :bellerin:
Germany is all over the place at the back. And Mustafi is playing :wilshere:


Off the post and then through Immobile’s legs. :no_mouth:


Walcott practising for Saturday


Yeah, we have been so unlucky in the second half. We fully deserve to win.


Fucking Tapas just stole our clean sheet. :sanchez2:


lol Isco makes it all even with the last kick of the game pretty much




Snatched a draw at the death. HAHAHA. :arteta:


It was after 95 minutes so not a real goal.

A good win lads, Vardy legendary as ever.


Racist towards latinos.



wouldnt mind Isco here, go on Cazorla and Monreal he is your mate…got get him for us!


Tapas, Aspas. It was there and I took it. I have the best name puns. I always go bigly with them.


Would have gone for Iagoal Offthepostas myself.