England thread




:ozil2: And cheating :ozil2:


Fucking hell @Calum @WillyWallace @NicStur @AlecIh8theEnglish @Nessie @EwanMcKenobi we are winning the group lads, what a time to be alive.


How did we cheat? If the ball didn’t cross the line that’s no one’s fault but the officials.



You still cheated. And against your beloved Germany :bellerin:


He’s trying to outdo himself.


You cannot call that cheating and condemn it while being happy that we won the game today because of the fashion in which it was won.

Choose a side, Bro. :wink:


1-0 to you :wilshere: You are right.


God knows how Ox found his way into the side. Boy is the national team utterly underwhelming.



What the fuck? This is why the England job is poison. Needless character assassination from the Telegraph.


Southgate should be assassinated for the selection of Johnson alone. What is this, 2008?



Fraulade at home!


Still want to know how Jagelka is in that squad.


Penalty… :slight_smile:

England 1-0 Spain.


expect better from reina for giving a pen away


Southgate to surely keep the job now and lead England to WC glory.



Hodgson’s England beat Spain 1-0 in a friendly before. No WC glory. :bellerin:


So you should lose this one :wilshere: :wink:


Hey! England don’t lose pointless games. :wenger2:


This will be quoted in an hour or so. :stuck_out_tongue: