England thread


i just find england so boring to watch

2 shots on goal last night - grim

however i did like the back 3 style


Im no big England fan but come on that was just a boring friendly as expected.
No intensity or any interest shown by either side. Slaughter them for the euros but this game, no way.


@Craigie @JakeyBoy

Southgate started to not convince me at Euro 2015.

Changed his idea at the start of the tournament, abandoning the tactic and the men used to qualify for the competition.


That doesn’t really relate to my plate mate :slight_smile:


France have some serious depth to be fair


Coquelin is included… I rest my case :stuck_out_tongue:


It was quite refreshing to watch an Nederland game that didn’t involve shreck.
We’ll never win out but it we good to see us playing decent footie.


and in this screen there aren’t Gameiro, Giroud, Nasri, Ben Yedder, Cabaye, Presnel, Lafont, Maxime Lopez, Sarr etc…


No Debuchy?!


Seems a bit OTT. :neutral_face:

Booing the German anthem is just common sense. (:stuck_out_tongue: ) The song is a bit pathetic but not worthy of a ban, ffs! :joy:


OMG, England u17s were seconds away from winning the Euro u17s and Spain equalised in the 6th minute of stoppage time, goes to penalties now.


Yeah I’m watching this too – so unlucky. I forgot they were trialling that ABBA penalty system thing in this




:open_mouth: we just missed 2 consecutive penalties.

What a cruel way to lose a game.




Slipping through my fingers…


England is such a bunch of loser. Another triumph for Spain :smiley:


Truest thing you’ve said since this post, mio amico.


I’m going to nominate that for post of the year and I’m sure it’ll win. :slight_smile: