England thread


What a poor side Germany is. They definitely need to improve for their next game against Azerbaijan.


Taking the piss our from your cousins. Not kind from you :wink:


Schurrle close to the 2-0. It would have been very harsh on England.


God, the England fans obsession with the war is fucking tiresome. Bet none of them even fucking lived through it either.


Two wars and one WC. They live in the past.


Yeah I’m pretty sure Germany have won more world cups than us and knocked us out of more world cups than we have them so I’ve never really got this.

We definitely won both those wars single handedly though so we should be able to sing about that.


Kölsche Juuuung

Scotland holding Canada to a draw must be the second highlight of the day.


When you think of all the tactical shite England have tried and failed in the last few years this system actually looked like it suited them straight away. Good shape and boring enough to maybe work in a tournament setting but not so hopeless that we couldn’t make a chance. Not trying too hard to play an amazing possession game but ready to spring attacks.

It might have been nice to have another footballer in the middle, maybe someone like Wilshere (though I’d probably go more middle-of-the-road with Henderson). If you’re going to play that kind of midfield I’d have thought someone like Milner would have been a fair shout, not sure why he’s missed the squad?

Not sure about Vardy, it might be cool to try something like Sterling up there interchanging. Not sure I can see Kane in this team at first glance but you never know.


Milner retired from England that’s why.


I was a Gareth Southgate fan when he was with the U21 before Euro 2015.

His football style was modern. Played many games with an interesting 4-3-3 with a pivòte on midfield (Chalobah), two playmakers, two second strikers and a mobile number nine.

The ball was everytime on the pitch, the intense work of the RB and the LB was very good, was nice to see the build up starter passing the ball to the CBs.

Until Euro 2015, I was a fan of him and his modern ideas. I don’t know why his plans collapsed and changed completely his vision.

Tonight the 5-2-2-1 has been horrific. I have read of people satisfied about the result and the only two chances created (Germany played with the 4th choice as CB, without Khedira, Ozil, Muller, Draxler and a proper striker).

A team which want to win a major tournament can’t have a back 5 + two BRMs as first plan. 8 of 11 players on the pitch tonight will be probably regular starters (Stones for Keane, Kane for Vardy, Henderson for Livermore).

Any player with tecnique on the pitch, a problem with energies because of the numbers of games (and the intensity) in England, any player with a winning mentality.

The best XI which England can offer is not better then the 4th choices of France national team. There is a big cultural football problem, but FA looks not interested.

FA refuse to see how France, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Holland and Belgium (maybe Poland and Croatia) are much much better (useless to mention Brazil, Argentina, Chile and maybe Colombia, Uruguay).


Big Pod. My legend. My hero. My mate.

Goes out like a champ :poldi: :per:

Smashing England with a wonderful strike from his left hammer.


Haha, I actually caught that when I watched highlights (if you can call them that) online. Nobody calls, or has ever called Podolski “der Hammer” and Hitzlsperger was only sometimes referred to as such, because everyone in Germany assumed he was called “the hammer” in Britain. It’s tacky as fuck tbh. Podolski has always been referred to as “Poldi” or “Prinz Poldi”, which originated in Cologne.


Still remember when Wenger said he was the best finisher he has ever worked with, but barely played him :poldi:


Well this was his first experiment in a friendly, what were you really expecting him to do? Announce to the world the English brand of total football after 2 days with the squad? Half this team hasn’t played like this before and Vardy looked like he didn’t know what to do.

There were more than 2 chances, just 2 on target but someone others close and Lallana hit the post. In the first half the plan was to give Germany no space and it looked like it was working. They struggled to get an attacking move going in the first half and the pressure was good.

England have tried playing possession football, tried Wilshere as Pirlo, tried no wingers, tried every kind of centre forward over the last few years and nothing works. We will never beat France, Germany, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Belgium if we just try and match them in football. We aren’t Barcelona or Madrid, we’re more like Tottenham or Liverpool. The only way England can do anything in 2018 is to play this kind of game where you give nothing away and hope to get lucky or use some pace on the counter. The FA are trying to improve stuff but that will take 10 years before we know if it’s working.

And I doubt he will stick with a back 5 long term because it means you sacrifice Sterling, Alli or Lallana for a defender which I don’t think he will do.


Sanogoals was obviously better Luca
I was gutted when Podolski left the Arsenal
Quality player with a shot like a rocket which is probably why Wenger let him go .


Great goal to wake up to :smiley:


I was never a massive Podolski fan but I never quite understood why we signed him as he never really looked like the kind of player Wenger would like in his team.

It’s almost as if around the seasons we signed him is when we started signing players who were clearly did not have the right qualities as a player for Wengerball and the result now is that we had about 5 or 6 players any given week who can’t play Wengerball.


I agree.
He was a very experienced international player but didn’t seem to fit into any system Wenger had.

I think the main reason he bought Podolski was because he had the attribute which is irresistible for Wenger.
He was cheap.


What is France’s fourth choice XI?! Your knowledge of football must be ridiculously good if you know not only what France’s strongest and second strongest line ups are, but also their third and fourth strongest line ups.

Also, as an English person I denigrate the English national team as much as anyone (aside from @Leper :stuck_out_tongue:) , but I suspect your claim that their fourth XI is better than our first XI to be nonsense. But I guess you’d have to tell me what their fourth XI is before I can say that with certainty.


I wouldn’t mind supporting the English national team if our fans (obvious generalisation, I mean more the travelling support) weren’t such imbeciles. That’s ignoring the fact that our players are useless and that for the most part I hate all them throughout the season :joy:

I get mildly excited during tournaments, I was ecstatic when we beat Wales in the Euros. But as international football goes, I’ll always watch Argentina play because of their style and history, not so much the English national team.