Bundesliga Thread


Shut it you minge


Health > Wealth


For him especially, as he barely plays more than 20 games per season :poldi:


I too would give away all his money for him to stay fit this season. So he can maybe finally win the title with his beloved BVB.


It’s now or never for us Cocktor. I mean Dortmund, not Arsenal :mustafi:


It’s just horrible seeing such talent wasted due to injuries. An all too familiar scene here.


He would fit into our team very well :mustafi:



Makes sense can’t think of many better stop gaps out there than Jupp Heynckes, he’ll steady the ship nicely and it also give Hoffenheim more than enough time to try and find a decent replacement for Nagelsmann too.


This makes me happy.


The best choice, imo. He already knows the club.


Confirmed. Willkommen, Julian Nagelsmann. :stuck_out_tongue:


I really enjoyed Bayern under Heynckes. They were so great to watch.


Stuttgart-Cologne today.


Same, have quite fond memories of his Heynckes Bayern.


Stuttgart up at HT.
2-1 FT for Stuttgart. Cologne are getting relegated for sure.


Carlo out and Muller scores again.
Coman. 2-0.
Bayern 2-0 up at HT.
Bayern win 5-0. Now Borussia Dortmund-Leipzig.



Against Trump? Well-done!



Oh do fuck off. :joy: