Bundesliga Thread


I’d say Dortmund should have the quality to win the League regardless of what Bayern does. They have the experience and the quality (and finally in depth too). Just a matter of can they fullfil it.


I did make reference to his stature in football. Plus the season has just started. If they weren’t happy with the things were going they should have pulled the tigger in the summer.

They essentially sacked on the basis of the PSG performance


I am surprised that he doesn’t get along with so many.
Always seemed a pleasant guy.


We don’t know what has been going on behind the scenes.


Well I doubt if they win the match he gets sacked the next day tbh


Mental if true, that’s the nature of competition.


I think it sounds like he was heading for the exit door regardless of the PSG result. Managers don’t win power struggles with boards at most clubs


Only 1 exception I know


We’re the only unfortunate club lol


Now that Milan has money, ancelloti should return there.

He has been bouncing from here to there with little success in the recent times.


Shocking. He still a great manager though. I would welcome him here with open arms.


I think Chelsea finished with him too, after his below par achievement of a league and cup double


True, forgot about it. This is the most shocking though.


Shows how good Wenger has it when other top clubs are as ruthless as this.


Carlos Real Madrid whooped peps Bayern 5-0 and pep wasn’t sacked, it wasn’t due to 1 result anchollotis seen sacked





Germany is sinking again. What a surprise! :henry2:


Unlikely. He doesn’t suit their style.


Plus he hates Bayern :wink: