Bundesliga Thread


MGG is what? 10 inches uncut ya think?


Well, thanks god it is over. Braunschweing will never come back.


MGG is defo packing an uncut 3rd leg. :sunglasses:


ffs :joy::joy:


They literally hate us. Good riddance, krauts!


Chance for Tuchel to win his first trophy with Dortmund today.


Dortmund leading thanks to Dembele.
1-1 :hipster:
1-1 at HT.


Reus off injured, Pulisic on.
Penalty to Dortmund. Stupid by Eintracht’s goalie, as Pulisic was going nowhere.
2-1 Auba!
Dortmund are leading, but it’s like they are chasing the game. They just can’t defend.
Auba hits the bar!
That was a good chance for Eintracht. Just can’t connect with the ball.
First trophy for Tuchel :smiley: Double joy for @Persona today :wink:



Well that’s one fake transfer saga we don’t have to endure this summer.


That guy is so bloody injury prone. Shame as he is quality.


Worse than :wilshere:


whoa whoa whoa, too much of an exaggeration…ease up there!


Braunschweing-Wolfsburg today.


The :lion: against the :wolf:


:lion_face: against the :goat:.

If you know what I mean. :henry2:



Disallowed goal for Wolfsburg.
How did Braunschweing not even hit the target here? :arteta:
0-0 HT. Snozefest.


Vieirinha! 1-0 Wolfsburg! That’s it.
Braunschweing are just too poor to get promoted.
Braunschweing down to 10 men. Good riddance :wink:


Are you deliberately calling them pigs? @Luca_from_Italy :mustafi:


NEIN! Almost a goal for Mario GOATmez. :santi:

GUSTAVO :cech::facepalm: