Bundesliga Thread


Useless wankers Dortmund again. Dont know why I continue to back such a weak team. Hope Tuchel stays well clear of us


The goal in Dortmund. Goal line tech. :unamused:



1-0 Wolfsburg. Knockaert.


WHAT A HEADER! 1-0 to Wolfsburg!


Lol wtf is that blonde douche doing?



REUS 1-1!!!




1-1 Reus, Hamburg equalize as well and 2-0 Leverkusen.


You got a stream for Dortmund?


Your guy is on the bench for Bremen. :wink:



1-1 Reus

1-1 Kostic

2-0 Havertz


Aubameyang. 2-1 Dortmund :hipster:

Dembele and Kagawa :giroud2:


Brilliant goal that for the 2-1 in Dortmund. :heart_eyes:


Massive chance for Wolfsburg to score right at the end of the first half.


Serge coming on at HT.


Dortmund, lol! 2-2 Werder right after the start of the second half.


FFS. Tuchel looks dumbfounded.

2-2 @Luca_from_Italy :wink:



Gladbach take the lead and 2-0 Leipzig.
1-1 Darmstadt and Ingolstadt miss a penalty.


Mario Gomez with an attempt to not be Mario Gomez by trying to score a decent goal. :wink:

If he scores, I’mma change my avatar.