Bundesliga Thread


No, I mentioned Marcelino, because he was (and still is) without a job. No idea who they should or even realistically can hire now, after this disaster of a season.


Dortmund can be Nice, too. :per:


“There is not a fight. Rumors spread because of a interview with Mr Watzke and that’s his right”

Interviewer: "Do you think this could be the end of your career at Dortmund?

Thomas: "Right now, we have to focus on the next game… and there will be no comments from me on the subject [of leaving Dortmund this summer]

Interviewer: "So you’re still head coach of Dortmund for next season?"
Thomas: “I am head coach of Dortmund in Augsburg, that’s for sure”


Interesting quotes. He clearly hints he could leave Dortmund. Not my best choice, but i wouldn’t mind him here.


Tuchel to Arsenal it is then


Not sure about Tuchel, he has the same sort of flaws as Wenger, his defensive side of the game is really poor, go gunho attacking etc. He has some nice football going but i just dont feel it!


That should’ve been 1-0 Augsburg. Brilliant stuff from Buerki. :rosicky:


Weigl stretchered off.

1-0 Augsburg. Finnbogason.


PEA! LOL. 1-1.



Forsberg got the penalty and two assists against Bayern today, the latter putting him well in first place in Europe.


Wolfsburg V Gladbach has been suspended on betting for the last 15 mins. Anyone know why?


Jesus, RBL - Bayern just comical. 4-5 with last two goals in et. :joy:


Massive thunderstorm, play is still suspended.


Leipzig-Bayern :mustafi:. And bye bye Ingo-Audi!


High entertainment value though.


So, i’m reading that Red Bull Leipzig (booo, hiss) might be denied entry into next season’s Champion League, based on Red Bull Salzburg winning the Austrian Bundesliga and thus creating a potential conflict of interest.

Salzburg are your standard ‘lose in the play off round every year’ club, but I wonder what they’d do if both made it through to the group stage draw?

I guess they’ll just treat it as a country clash and keep them apart, but interesting to see what UEFA decides on this, as it’s only going to happen more often years down the line with the amalgamation of corporate and football interests.


I quite like Leipzig. Took the fight to Bayern and Dortmund this season with a bunch of youngsters, regardless of buying those players.


I still like you, but goddammit you’re making it tough for me :triumph:


Apparently the issue has been solved already by separating both clubs on the executive level so far that they’re not seen as directly connected anymore. It has to be seen though if it holds towards the UEFA but at least from what I’ve been reading the Red Bull clubs seem confident that it will be possible to have both participate in the competition.

It will definitely be an interesting topic this summer. Here’s an article in German if you want to read about it:


Whats the deal with the hate? Are Leipzig a sort of german Chelsea? As in, challengers that came from nowhere but due to investmet now have a seat at the table?


I don’t really see how Leipzig are any worse than Wolfsburg who are basically just the footballing extension of VW, or PSG and Man City who are essentially just extensions of the Qatari tourist office.

It’s not like they’re buying Messi and Ronaldo and Hazard, they’re buying younger players with potential and then making them play excellent football through hard work and good coaching and management.

Reddit really hates leipzig too, but I don’t see a huge issue with them. Maybe it’s because I quite like Redbull.


I’m sorry Cristo but the situations are nothing alike. Wolfsburg the city was founded just prior to WW2 as a settlement providing factory workers to build the new VW beetle, with the club that would become Vfl Wolfsburg forming around these workers starting out shortly after and moving through the amateur ranks. Thus you have an industry / football association that goes way back and they do not contravene the 50+1 rule.

Red Bull Leipzig do contravene 50+1. Blatantly. The club is actively restricting supporter membership. They were formed 8 years ago to push sales of Red Bull and tbf to them, its working a treat. Just don’t expect football supporters who admire the way German football ownership (mostly) works to approve. I despise Red Bull Leipzig for what it is, even if I can’t do anything about it and “it’s the way football is going, deal with it” :roll_eyes:

Man City and PSG are not German clubs and aren’t bound by any traditions of fan ownership.

Btw I understand if you think my point of view is weird but I grew up in an era before the Premier League and its clubs started exploiting match going supporters in the extreme ways it does these days so I always base current experiences on how things were prior.
Red Bull Leipzig is a stain on German football and i hope they never win the Bundesliga, altho of course they will at some point. Long live Bayern Munich! :sunglasses: