Bundesliga Thread


Dortmund get gifted a goal and a penalty by the ref. Rauball regelt. :joy:


Wow, the guy on my stream sounds EXACTLY like Werner Herzog.


I would pay good money to have Werner Herzog commentate Arsenal games. :poldi:


Nice move from Hoffenheim started by Kramaric who seems to have found a good level here.
Really dangerous challenge by Castro here. Deserved yellow. The first half ends now though.
Nice through ball from Hoffenheim, just a bit too long.
Important lead for Wolfsburg against Eintracht.
Shaky Burki here. Meanwhile, Ausburg take the lead. Guess another playout is coming for Hamburg.
2-0 Wolfsburg. MARIOOOOOOOOOOOO! :giroud2:




Some people say that Hoffenheim have never been ONside.

MGG!!! :heart_eyes:

Persona knows. :slight_smile:


2-0 tap in merchant.

“If there’s one player in world football you can’t leave in that much space in front of goal it’s Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang”







Hoffenheim get one back with 5mins + added to go.

Enough time for a certain curse to strike. :wink:


Penalty to Hoffenheim. Stupid challenge in the box. 2-1 Kramaric.
Darmstadt have just missed a penalty.


LOL the stadium background noise just cut out and all you could hear was the commentator. I take it he’s in a studio somewhere NOT at the game?


That ref found a whole extra minute! Lol.


Darmstadt are officially relegated, while Dortmund overtake Hoffenheim in third.


Darmstadt missed a penalty in the final minutes to equalise against Bayern.


Leipzig leading against Hertha at HT.


Does anybody think Auba would make into Real madrids first team. I have watched most of dortmunds games and the attacking thrust seems to come from reus and dembele.
Auba does seem to have a knack for being at the right place at the right time. He isn’t the deadly striker that would command galactico prices.


4-1 for Leipzig.


He would do well here.
If it weren’t for his injury record, I think he would be great for us.



I think you said Leverkusen should try to sign Favre? @A.F


Why would Favre go there? Nice>>>>>>>>Dortmund&Neverkusen :wenger: