Borisov Automobile and Tractor Electronics Vs Arsenal (UEL)


Great result considering our line-up and traveling squad. Four goals, Wilshere awesome. Defence is still a worry, Mert, Mustafi and Holding vulnerable. Ospina too.

All-in-all though a decent game and 3 away points! Onto Brighton!


Yeah the Europa league is coming up trumps for us, Wilshere was brilliant but our defence was rather sloppy but its been that way for nearly 10 years so no point discussing it. All win all we are only about 4 points from qualification to the next round with 4 games to play.


God, our defence is a nightmare most of the times. A better team would have killed us in the second half. Midfield and attack were great though.


Giroud and Jack linking up like it’s 2013!




I wouldn’t go overboard on the defence thing, we did have two yoof at wingback who did well overall but weren’t the tightest defensively, plus the same with Willock in midfield.

Their 2nd was a bit tame to concede i grant you, I’d be more critical tho if how we only scored 4 and not 7/8, albeit 2 off the woodwork


it was similarto how wedefend at full strength, it’s ongoing

we won’t always score 4, we will always be vulnerable at the back


The Arsenal team masterbate away from home, who knew?! :sunglasses:

Also, I know it wasn’t the strongest opposition but it was good to see decent performances from the English guys who were omitted from Southgate’s squad. On his day Wilshere is England’s best midfielder, but our boy Gareth would rather have Jake Livermore.


How did Willock, Nelson, and Maitland-Niles do?

Had no idea this game was so early, if so might’ve caught some of it. :confused:


Arsenal failed to control the game and paid that with two goals conceded. This made the game not excellent but good.

Ospina has been terrible (this is why I would have preferred to keep Emi Martinez and sell him) as well as Mustafi (looked scared much more than the youngsters). Mertesacker has been the only defensive played in control of what was happening around him.

Elneny did what I would have expected by Mustafi. Played simple, showed a difference between him, the young team mates and the opponents. He is diligent and versatile. The egyptian isn’t a great midfielder but is very efficient. Thanks to him Willock played brillantly. This guy reminds me to Abou Diaby: progression, technical abilities, vision, a good dribbling. I hope he will work on his structure because he can be really a player for the future.

I admired what Nelson did during the pre-season but keep calm, he isn’t ready for the first team (Keown compared him to Neymar :fearful: ). He has qualities, but mentally looks like a typical english boy: one man band. He plays for himself and not for the team-mates. He needs to improve his decision making and naturally his structure. I think his legs are the half of the half of the half of the half of Kolasinac’s legs. Lack of humility.

The same humility which I have seen watching AMN. I lost the count of how many positions he covered since his debut with the first team: right CB, right winger, left winger, left wing-back, right wing-back, advanced playmaker, central midfielder. He plays fully focused and is trying to improve.

Few words to spend for Wilshere (I pray he will remain injury free because a sane Wilshere >>>>>> Ozil), Walcott (I don’t know a professional player like him) and Olivier Giroud (welcome into the 100 club).


flat tractor bullies.


AFTV has peaked… now featuring a translator. :joy:


This is how it’s done @AbouCuellar :smile:


Considering the amount of changes I thought we did ok

Even when 3-0 and 4-1 up though I still felt worried when they were attacking

Great to see Wilshere get 90 mins and play well. Pleased for Giroud to get his 100th Arsenal goal

Walcott looked sharp first half but faded i think 2nd half. Nelson done ok at RWB

Cant argue with 6 points from 6. Just waiting on Bayern to finish 3rd in their CL Group now :rofl::rofl: