Attending Home game for first time from Overseas


We live in Australia and my 17 year old wants to see Arsenal play Liverpool or Chelsea
this Xmas period 2017. He is only in London on Holiday for 10 days and these are the only 2 home games whilst
he’s in the UK.

I have read the first time ticket blurb for dummies, and yes, I will sign him up for a red membership soon.

My concern is, if we can log in when the tickets are released, will we be able to purchase 2 tickets
side by side.

As my son is 17, and doesn’t know London, nor has he ever been to a football match. I just need to know if we can purchase a 2nd ticket for a cousin or uncle from London to take him to the game.

Also, I guess I should ask, if we can actually purchase tickets online with our red membership
from Australia, and that there’s no international block

Anyone with previous experience who can answer these question. much appreciated.



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