Arsène Wenger


It’s a shame that our best players run through a brick wall for him and then keep on running to a more ambitious club.


…And then the winter arrives.


Hard not to love him.


I lol’d




Senile old man.



I don’t know a manager who admits his mistakes. Arsène did that and this is why I love him. Class man. :clap:t3:


Yes but learning from his mistakes? :thinking:


If he didn’t know what he was for doing then why come out to the media and the public and act as though he did every other week.


That headline just sounds weird to me, shouldn’t it say “admission”?


Both are acceptable, unlike day in place of say.
Now excuse me while I furiously check these two sentences for typos.


Well I believe you are right. I posted it because of the video obviously because I couldn’t figure out how to embed it on it’s own and avoid posting a link to that dross of a media.


Yeah I’m sure it must be acceptable, hard to believe they’d use it otherwise. However I did do a google define and got the below (with no definition that matched the context it’s used in here), and when I did the same with “admission” the first definition was the context it’s used in in that headline.



You’re probably right I just had to pounce on the typo before you fixed it lol.




Wenger :heart_eyes:




Incredible how Mertesacker was embarassed… :sweat_smile:


He is a great and a lovely man for sure. No one can deny it.