Arsène Wenger


Link doesn’t work for me. From my recollection Fergie offered him a certain amount of money and then we increased his deal, not outbidding United necessarily but giving him a pay rise.



Ah fair enough, i misunderstood your initial post.


Arsene Wenger and Dick Law to appear in Carry On spinoff titled “Carry on Wenger”


Maybe that is why a lot of people call us a comedy club :santi:



I see that even the pricks who compile the BBC’s Gossip column saw fit to include the Sun’s back page.


I think he would have come out and said it by now if he was leaving, would want a planned big send off like Fergie had


Who is this Tony Adams bloke?

Never even heard of him.


not quite.


Sorry, shipping off Ox? He has been brilliant this season.

Let Gnabry go man. You can like more than one player at once.

edit: had a second read through. Spanish Brady. :wink:


The only one who has brought Gnabry up here is you…

Ox has been better than the incredibly low bar he’s set in other seasons but yes, we should definitely ship him off (summed up my reasons for this in his thread).


So two more years for Wenger then.

No point in fuming, all we can do is hope for the best, support the club and look to the summer and hope so smart signings are made.


That’s a weird definition of brilliant. After a catastrophically bad last season, he’s been alright - good in the latter part of this season. Go back in his thread, you’ll find scathing assessments of him up to february. Personally, I wouldn’t “ship” him, because he is still only 23, has shown signs of improvement in 2017 and has the physical attributes needed to succeed as a wing back, but I certainly wouldn’t keep him at all costs.


“Carry on”. He is staying :hipster:


Yeah but there would be no prem trophy in his hand which sort of helped his send off.


Knowing how to be coached and coaching someone else are not intrinsically linked.


I just can’t get excited about Wenger going or staying. If he doesn’t go now he’ll get the boot next season.
what will bug me is he will walk away with £16m no matter what.
The same £16m would keep Ozil n Sanchez for another few years.
If there was a choice- Ozil or Sanchez to stay and Wenger to go or Wenger to stay and Ozil and Sanchez to go I would choose Ozil and Sanchez to stay every time.


Arsene was always going to stay on, we all knew that deep down. I have been disenchanted with Arsenal for a while now and so it hardly matters if this shit continues for another season or two or 10. It doesn’t mean as much as it used to. The day Arsene finally leaves, that day will be the day I will start to have some hope again.

This whole talk of having a director of football or whatever you want to call it is just a smokescreen and won’t change a thing. They will bring in another yes man, who will do exactly what Arsene wants. If the board want us to believe that after all these years of having it exactly his way, Arsene is willing to change now, they must really think of us as naive, gullible fools. They just want to make it appear like they are doing something different so the fans continue to put money into the club. Like I said, only when Arsene leaves will we truly see a change.


I’m not sure how a Director of Football is going to change our results against the top 6 teams in the league.