Arsenal Vs Leicester City (PL)


Cmon you gunners! Looking forward to the match tonight. With it being on a Friday night makes it a novelty aswell.

Arsenal’s back :sunglasses:


Lets kick off the season with a win

3-1 to Arsenal


Actually really excited for this. Gutted I’m going to miss it.


Feels good knowing the PL is back. Super excited to see us play and I really hope Laca gets a goal so he doesn’t get put under pressure by our fans and the pundits.


We should win this but with the usual inactivity in the transfer window and so many players yet to know if they are staying or not, as well as a few key players being out, it won’t be easy.
I’ll go 2-1 with Walcott and Giroud scoring.
Then we go top of the league.


Agreed. This feels like an unconvincing 2-1.


Hopefully Kolasinac is starting LWB, my guess is Ox :expressionless:

With Per out it’s probably the best we can do.


Given the injury restrictions, this team is wisely chosen. Monreal needs some protection from the CMs so Elneny over Ramsey makes sense to me, especially given that Ramsey may not be fully fit. I like having two strikers given that we’re going to be on the front foot but might have gone with Giroud over Welbeck.


Ugh. Bore 1-1 draw.


Bit of expected team, tbh. Glad Oz is back.


Oh wow, that’s an interesting season opening team.


We should buy a centre back.




Well, football is back…And so is Arsenal’s Arsenaling. :giroud3:


I’ve missed you Arsenal.

What a match :joy:


Leicester scores 3 goals on 6 (!) shots. :sanchez2:

Need to sort out that defense or it will be a long year.

Elney and Xhaka are not good together.

Giroud is still an enigma–but another monster goal.


Good old mental strength and desire won out tonight :kosc:

(Seriously though, sort the bloody defence out next game!)


Suck it Vardy.

That’s all I wanted the moment he scored that corner.


Defensively a shambles but right now let’s not worry about that, fucking crazy game of football and delighted to be on the end of a 7 goal epic on the opening day. COYG


I missed Arsenal so much :arteta: