Arsenal Vs FC Köln (Europa League)


Bummer, you missed the good part.


Glad I didn’t stay up for nothing. Quality goals.


Shit first half.

Good second half with three good goals.

Wilshere impressive with his cameo



Good to have you back on the Shere Wilpower hype train. :giroud3:


Ya know, I actually applaud the Koln fans. Man that is some dedication right there. Even at the end of the game standing, singing. Fack me I wish our fans would act that way when we get our brains beat in by lolpool or some other PL team. Instead we have these whiney fucking bitches that represent our team on Arsenal Fan TV. Pathetic really to see the Germans acting like this and then see our fans being self defeatist bitches.


Koln fans :clap::clap::clap: Fuckers made me feel like a visiting supporter on our own turf

Arsenal’s support is softer than Egyptian cotton nowadays. Lost the working class edge ages ago


Yeah man. What can be done to fix this shit? Maybe rip out seats of the clock end, and do some safe standing areas and sell a shitload more tickets for a bit cheaper and get the working class passionate fan back in the stadium? Cause our atmosphere is fucking sad. I started supporting arsenal just before the move to the emirates and it seems to me we had some legit support back in the day. Now its’ just weak af.


Our home support is an embarrassment and yes I’ve been to the Emirates several times.


I heard us signing quite loud, tbh. Great atmosphere.


No need to keep playing 5 defenders + DM against inferior opposition at home. Insert Wilshere or Iwobi for a CB.


No they don’t.


If you act like that getting fucked at Liverpool your giving your board even more ammo to treat you like a gobshite. Take at look at Newcastle fans and Ashley.
Thin line between loyalty and being gullible sometimes with fans.


We aren’t a mid table team who’ve flirted between Germanys top two divisions and that wasn’t our first European game in a quarter of a century.

When you can grasp the difference between a team like Koln and Arsenal you’ll be able to understand why we don’t celebrate defeat in the same manner they did last night.


Absolute carnage at the Emirates last night


No matter that Koln was happy to be playing Europa. The atmosphere they brought to the game is what football used to be about.

Now it’s just a dull borefest inside our stadium whenever we play.


All those Koln fans buying Arsenal shirts will make up the difference in Champions league revenue. - Man United fans


Of course our support is shit. because you have people running around saying stuff like ‘happy fans that believe we can win and always get behind the team are the problem’.

Don’t know a fanbase like it where actual supporting is frowned upon.


Shock horror


So what do we risk?