Arsenal Vs FC Köln (Europa League)


OA, brush up on your Serbian… :kos2:


You don’t get this in the CL!

What an introduction to the Europa League :joy:

Latest kick off in Emirates Stadium. Already making history in this competition


It’s a suicide to allocate these types of fans into other sections than the away end. Better to postpone the game.


No, better to give us the 3-0. Arsenal did nothing wrong.


They’re fighting inside the stadium too. This better not be called off


I’ve been looking forward to this…So no doubt UEFA will soon give word that it’s cancelled and we get the 3-0.



They are fighting with the stewards, imagine them sit in the same place of rival fans. Our fans are not safe, Uefa and Arsenal must to ask to postpone the game.


Ok, i do agree, but give us the win.




LIVE: Arsenal vs Cologne… Europa League tie delayed by AN HOUR after away fans clash with stewards, push down barriers and sit in home end as 20,000 German fans travel to London

WTF! Bunch of prats. They do pretend to be at home!



ffs this is gonna get postponed isn’t it?

Gonna be so pissed off after looking forward to this all week… :joy:




Shouldn’t allow more than 3000 tickets to away fans…





Ahhh reminds me of Wanderers vs Everton game back here. Every single year, twice a year.



Club has finally reached a European tournament after a long time. What should one do to support the club at the very first game I wonder?
Try getting the club banned? Reasonable.


Cocktor, you are german. Try to do something :henry2: