Arsenal vs Chelsea FA CUP FINAL


Arts and crafts… Its sleeping btw… Noisey when awake…


the one asleep actually looks so great, amazing stuff


She(Mrs) was pretty good at making them…Sold a few aswell…


You say ‘arts and crafts’, I say ‘dark and witch’.

You’re a braver man than me!

Like the coins btw.


I have 1 shelf… Scared to ask for more…


where did you get the coin?



thanks :slight_smile: just ordered one




Pussy, I do say this with love tho.




Pussy, shoulda gone and taunted ur mate until ur throat was sore.

Fucking idiot.

Gotta bring this back.

^^^^ entire barrel full of pussies :joy::joy:

Was searching high and low for a reason to label you a pussy, but credit where it’s due you held the faith, hope for you after all calum. Btw it’s military coup not coo lel.

Banned pussy.

Dutch pussy.

All jokes aside, reading this thread is like Nirvana. Half our team out through injury, against the run away champs, with the oldest slowest CB in history against Costa and Hazard, with a ref who hated us. Only to pull out the clutch win. Our first cup win in 2013 is one of the best moments of my life supporting Arsenal, but this one, was a different fuckin breed what a win. Cmon guys we can beat City in style!!


Love how I was the only pussy with love.

:kissing: :heart_eyes:U too m8


Send Luca a guide on how to multi quote would ya? :slight_smile:


My american buddy with the bump of the year :giroud2: