Arsenal vs Chelsea FA Community Shield


Wenger told yesterday they would have basically played.


Koscielny is suspended for the next 2 games so I’m surprised that he isn’t involved.


Not yersterday…


We’ll win this one.

But we’ll lose against Leicester on Friday.


But we won the Community Shield so who cares if we drop 3 points in the significantly more important Premier League.


A cheeky ‘lol’ from me at those who value this one as a trophy :speak_no_evil: Just look at Wenger’s valuation of it, compared to some extra prep time for Leicester :laughing:

League Cup >>>>>>>>>>> this


Would definitely prefer to protect our key players for the league. It is another good practice run with Kosc out for 1st game. But I don’t understand Kolasinac on the bench. It would be nice to win, but a win here means nothing. I want to start the league well.


I just think (and this is more for the match thread v Leicester) that they’re massively overdue a win against us. We tend to be losing records against those who we hold a “monkey sign” over.

Couple this to the fact that it’s a home game, first game of the season and, I dunno, it just doesn’t fill me with confidence


Except Ozil, Alexis, Ramsey etc aren’t ready… Never played a team stronger than that in League Cup in recent years :roll_eyes:


Since this is an official FA certified cup final with a bonafide piece of silver plated steel up for grabs, MDC is open


Get the back 3 familiar again. Makes sense.




If the game were of particular importance, one or more of these would at least make the bench. Koscielny would be involved. Our best player Wally Walcott would be starting naturally. :speak_no_evil:



Forgot to lock it :eyes:


Conte couldn’t even be bothered to wear a suit. Shows how much he truly values this game.






A truly deserved win. We should have killed it in the first half. Elneny, Xhaka, Kolasinac and Welbeck were all great.


Yet another trophy won at Tottenham’s ground.