Arsenal vs Chelsea FA Community Shield


Sacked off going to Wembley to play Sunday Cricket instead. Totally disinterested in pre-season games nowadays.


Strong, haha.


It does.


Thanks for that Sham.


C’mon Arsenal! Fuck Antonio “fake hair” Conte!


Alexis Sanchez has won all six of his matches at Wembley Stadium for Arsenal and Chile, scoring seven goals. He has failed to score in only one of those games - the 3-0 victory against Manchester City in the 2014 Community Shield. (BBC)

Get lad ont’ pitch!


Kind of excited, COYG


Painful to look at.


It’s a good job Pass Accuracy is the only thing that matters in football. Phew. :sunglasses:


The key passes stat right below just smashes it though haha


Yeah, like comparing a Sacher with a Tesco cake :xhaka:


Ramsey the backpass master :mustafi:

But let’s remember ha has given us 2 F.A. Cups! :ramsey:


Look at the difference in squad sizes :see_no_evil:


Should put 5 past them :laca:


Alexis & Mustafi not in the squad, neither are Ozil and Ramsey…


Puta! No Ozil and Alexis!


A couple injuries and our team basically looks like it would finish 8th. Everywhere I look is average ffs.


Bl1nk slowly editing in all the players that are missing. Iwobi better have his play making boots on today.


Wenger: “We have a complete squad at our disposal”.

No Ozil, Alexis, Koscielny, Mustafi and Ramsey. He has told us a bullshit once again.


Alexis and Mustafi started their pre-season one week ago, do you want to risk injuries?

We knew Ozil and Ramsey were in doubt.