Arsenal v Brighton (PL)


Just seen the highlights, beautiful assist by Alexis but he was so selfish not to set up Iwobi for his 2nd on that chance he ended up just missing.

Our short passing/combinations just outside the box look so much cleaner and sharper with Lacazette involved compared to Giroud, it’s something that will no doubt pay dividends in the quality of chances we create in the long run, IMO. Hence why I wouldn’t agree @A.F. when you say you don’t care about his link-up play, that it’s just about the goals.


I’ve also noticed that Wenger has a habit of bringing off strikers when they are on hat tricks. Surely you want to leave them on for 20 minutes, especially when they are the main man, to try and get a third and boost their confidence.


Thought we were pretty comfortable overall

Dominated and although we sat back after the first and let them in to it a bit more i thought we had a few more gears to go up if needed

Glad for Monreal to get a goal. One of our most consistent performers of late and looks ok in a back 3

Also happy for Iwobi. The team looks more balanced with him playing instead of Ozil so thats a good thing. No doubt Ozil will walk straight back in to the team once fit!

Up to 5th now and a decent run of results after the Stoke and Liverpool no shows.


Never worried about this game and guess that shows how much improvement there is at the moment. Personally I think being out the champions League has taken pressure off the team and tbf Wenger seems to have reached his players.
Expectation from the fans is less and more realistic and helping us so far. Enjoying for now and really getting hopeful for the cups.