Arsenal Pre-season thread


I looked through the photos on Getty myself (don’t think Jeorge Bird mentioned Willock), no sign of Bielik. Bielik said last month he would be going on loan to Norwich so maybe its that.


any stream for this


That Nzonzi goal was pretty nice to be fair


as a mod you should know we have a specific thread for the emirates cup :slight_smile:



I read this and thought it might be great news for @Berkobotswana but alas…


My brother we are already. 5th cousin River Captain Nelson Bogogo say it take 3weeks in his luxury vessel . A goat will be taken , also the root of the fuky shrub when eaten after midnight will provide extra enhanced fertility as spiritual Barry White and presented to the great one Mr W.
Never fear Cannons always fire .


wtf am I reading lol






Unless they have a damp squib manager and a team that likes ‘gunpowder’