Arsenal Pre-season thread


Pretty sure it was just a friendly? No cup was handed out at the end when I watched it on ITV lol


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Pretty sure it was just a friendly? No cup was handed out at the end when I watched it on ITV lol

Must’ve been a very low key presentation :smiley:


That cup is way cooler looking than the piece of shit Cech refused to lift.


LOL! Shittest cup ever!

Ours looks so much better! Fuck Chelsea!


That’s a fondue pot that’s no trophy


lol. we lost 3_0 then wenger out.he need to go.


Yeah, and sell Lacazette :hipster:


honestly don’t really care about getting smashed by Chelsea today, the same way I haven’t cared about the friendlies we’ve won so far


Pre-season only seems to mean shit when we lose.


When has Wenger really made multiple signficant changes for improvement in one summer though? His (re)building process is so slow and Arsenal just don’t gets away with it. Teams just run by.


Monaco and Villareal both are losing. The former against Sporting Lisbon, the latter again Gimnastic from the Segunda. They are so, so shit. How can they lose a friendly?


Agreed. I didn’t even realise we were playing today until I went to the bar to get a round and saw we were two down. Once I got the drinks I went back outside again.

I’m obviously mad about Arsenal and football but I just can’t bring myself to watch pre season football at all for some reason.


Some people here getting way too annoyed about this, bizarre :thinking:

Only thing of slight concern to me is any kind of burnout before the real business gets going :grimacing:

Evidently Chelsea were fitter and stronger today, in terms of being fresher, perhaps also having just travelled less


Apparantly Wenger has used the ‘we looked a little bit jaded’ line already :laughing:. In pre-season.


Or like the NBA does at the O2. Like Robin says seems inevitable.


Inamoto, Richard Wright, sol Campbell, Francis Jeffers, gio van bronckhorst in. Vieira convinced into staying.

The Campbell signing alone was like winning a cup final


He is right, especially in this period.


But only Campbell and van Bronkhorst were signed for the starting eleven. Jeffers was for the future.


You’re right, yeah.

I suppose the point I’m making is there was intent there. If I’m not mistaken, we only lost Winterburn and Davor Suker that summer (in fact Suker may well have been a season earlier)

The rest of it was about the most ambitious Wenger has ever been. He essentially played Vieira’s bluff- ‘I’ve played my hand, I’ve signed up a strong team. If you want to go, go, but imagine the possibilities if you stayed’

That’s exactly what he should be doing for Sanchez.


Ah, thats over stating it a bit I would say. Especially considering the circumstances we had lost the cup final in just a few weeks prior too.