Arsenal Pre-season thread


Kovacic and Pjanic that much better than Seri/Sanches/Goretzka? (Has Sanches’ stature really dropped that much?) Rabiot better than those 3? (Don’t know anything about Zielinski) Bit of a weird list, no?


I am sure we are still looking for a midfielder.


I sent them the picture, didn’t make that clear enough I guess.

Of course they mentioned the league but in banter/shit talking stakes in a way it doesn’t match up to the head to head, on the day nature of us two facing off in a final.


Very strange list.

Probably compiled by some kid on summer break who’s never seen half of them play outside FIFA yet considers himself an authority.


I didn’t really take much notice of the order but the names are all guys that would improve us.

Rabiot’s reputation grew a lot after the Barcelona game but I wouldn’t say he’s a better player than Seri. Not sure I’d say any of the first 4 are elite either, maybe Keita? I’ve barely watched Kovacic, Pjanic, Saul, Demirbay, Sanches & Goretzka to rank them.

Main thing to take away from the list is there’s not a shortage of guys we should be able to attract to the club that would improve us in midfield.


I dont reckon anyone on that list will imrpove on the qualitee that we have…we have a big squad full of internationals!! :henry2:


From what I saw that was diabolically bad, it was a pre season friendly in China though. Let’s hope we don’t see that replicated any time soon.


God, Chavski fans are unbearable! Fucking cocksuckers rentboys! :hipster:


Had so many messages off Chelsea mates.

Weird how so many of them seem to have a very child like mentality to football. Even their forums seem devoid of good content.


They are just fucking scum that won the lottery…can be wealthy and buy your trophies you are still classless cringeworthy scum.


Tbf I didn’t even read it and just assumed that Luca was right.


It is gonna be great to beat them in the CS. Enjoy your useless win today :hipster:


Did we go 5-2-3 or 4-3-3 today?


Saw some of the second half versus Chelsea and although this was only a preseason, all the horror memories of us being impotent at the front came rushing back. The pitch did us no favours but we were fucking clueless. No cohesion, lot’s of backwards and sideways passing once we got to the final third, Giroud with horror touches. It was a snooze fest, and we had Ozil, Giroud, Ox, Ospina, Kolasinac, Ramsey, Coq, Iwobi, Elneny on the pitch. Chelsea looked way better than us, with lots of pace and penetration going forward.

I am regretting watching that cause that didn’t fill me with any sort of confidence.


I didn’t mean this thread in particular just on the whole forum!





The Daily Mail is a fucking pathetic nazi anti-Arsenal newspapers. Should be closed immediately!


Ah, giving Chelsea a false sense of security after today’s result. Now we’ll go into the Community Shield game against them as underdogs, which will suit us to a tee. We’ll let them have this minor tin pot cup, while we aim for our 3rd CS in 4 seasons :sunglasses:


Want to score 3 against them in the CS. Every goal should be celebrated with a middle finger towards Conte.