Arsenal Pre-season thread


Oh c’mon!


He did when he played Cm, like in the games vs Reading and Southampton he kept things ticking nicely but against Preston McGeady was skipping past him for fun.


Giroud flopping at that chance like a fucking lost cause. We go on to concede.

Fuck this shit.


fucking joke this team


What a goal :open_mouth:


This batman fella is looking pretty decent…


We’re looking sensationally shite.


Alonso made Ox look like an amateur lol

Quality goal


Conte is pathetic, lol! What’s the point of scoring for fun during a friendly? We won the most important cup.


Commentators nicely making excuses for us being so bloody awful. It’s that darn stomach bug… yeah let’s go with that :+1:


Sell Laca and bring Sanogo back :mustafi:


You are aware that was an actual thing? Kolasinac apparently threw up on the pitch last game.

Not see why people getting gassed on pre season friendlies anyway. Beating Bayern, losing to Chelsea. Swings and roundabouts, all that matters is match fitness.


When you think about it, it really is quite nice of us to bring a taste of the quintessential Arsenal collapse all the way to the fans in China.

True commitment.


Great freekick lads.


Coq nearly scored :coq:


Yes I am aware of that, thanks Oliver. But it didn’t affect the entire team. Some of our play today has been so sloppy and i’m not a fan of excuses. But like you say, it’s only a friendly, it doesn’t really matter.


Batshuayi scores and my Chelsea mates tried taking the piss

Shut up bhenchods


Finally some sense.


What scares me is how reminiscent it is of a lot of the football we played last season.

Laca aside we haven’t really made genuine strides to improve so it’s not surprising and honestly quite worrying.


Remember this cunt the F.A. Cup final.